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Show me you attachment! (bob stay specifically)

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16 hours ago, raz88 said:

Looks cool - what does it weigh? 

It weights allot for something like this. The prod itself is an aluminum tube and (it could have been built in Carbon )and the stainless strut is extremely thick walled. I could estimate the weight of the prod at 12-15 kg and the strut at an additional 5-6 kg. The design is straight from the plans built exactly to Ian Farriers drawings for the prod and is original to the boats year 2001 build.

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so i am ready to get an end made now,  an i have a bit of an idea of what i need,  going to be single tack line that exits the fitting and clips back to a mounting point, and a bobstay that loops over the top and connects back to the boat

So i am needing to now find someone who can make it if there are any recommendations,  preferably in carbon,  or on acetal if that is strong enough

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On 22/05/2021 at 8:46 PM, B00B00 said:

I just added a hole through the bow on my boat for the bobstay. Making up a custom bobstay out of carbon and aramid wound between 2 points. Cow hitching the bottom through the hole and lashing the top. This will be retractable so the bobstay cant have any stretch as you need to be able to tension the bobstay with the prod out line. 

On motorboat we had a D ring through the bow and the bobstay went to half prod as the angle was too tight to go to the end and added too much compression into the prod. This worked well as it was also the code zero point.

On the sunfast we had a dogbone inside the boat for the bobstay as it was in the anchor locker so didnt need to be sealed as well. That was the tidiest way as the bobstay just disappeared into the bow.

Are you running a fixed or retractable prod? 


What’s that you used for the hole in the bow ?

I’ve been trying to source suitable strong tube that’s not carbon ($$) can’t find small diameter fibreglass or G10 

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