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Anyone here have a Boat Repainted in Fiji, how did that go for you?

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So to follow up on how this all turned out. We have decided to do the paint work here in the first world paint realm of New Zealand. The best contractors in Fiji were painting in tarped or heat shrunk tents that had earthen bottoms held 30-80 cm off the ground which could  readily have admitted sand and sanding dust on an afternoon breeze. We also found that only two of the half dozen contractors there were capable of even writing back and then there was only one that followed thru but then never sent the estimate. All in all... not the sort of experience we were seeking for our trimaran. Maybe if we were already there we could have gotten a more responsive experience to our request for an estimate. If we didn't mind the risk of a bit of sand or insects buffed into the paint... that might have helped too. Certainly/likely 1/2 the cost of the job here and if we had a boat that we were not so maniacal about... it would have been a good place for the work. But we wanted a better job than we 'risked' getting.... more like some certainty. Our last paint job is still good after 21 years and the boat is very special to us.... so New Zealand it is!

Thank-you everyone that wrote... you are a great bunch... I followed up on every single lead you sent me and ran it to ground (truly)

We wound up with a quote that was allot more aggressive and affordable for us thanks to all of you!

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