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5 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

Starts soon.

Any advice for the television challenged to keep up with the play?

You have "Sky" ?? this is where sports falls down in NZ.Unlike Aussie(I believe) national olympics,rubgy test etc must shown for free on national tv.

might be wrong.

https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/125759566/how-to-watch-the-tokyo-olympics-2020#:~:text=Here's how you can watch,to air on TVNZ 1.

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No. I don't have,an aerial of any sort, so anything on my screen comes from a dvd or my newest trick is I can cast my phone onto the tv. So really looking for an internetty solution. 

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You can get sky (sport) for a month for $40, no decoder req, I've been casting to the tv but I'm sure you could do the same from your phone.  

It's good as you can scroll back through the schedule and watch anything you want at any time.

Apart from the fact I seriously begrudge paying sky a single penny it's been really good (we got it this month and will keep it for the Olympics)

Or you can save $40 and watch on tv1, the fee is having to put up with Toni Street... ;)


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1 hour ago, Black Panther said:

Next silly question,  when is first race?

Glad you asked that .BP. After your inquiry on how to watch. I listened to the news all day and heard no sailing results now I know why🙂

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Man, what a tough start to the regatta.

Boat speed looks good but struggling in the fleet enviroment. Josh Junior could have been pinged several times until the ultimate port starboard that cost him so much close to the first mark. 

everyone else doing it the hard way too

Pete and Blair look quick so I'm picking them to come back strong. 


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