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Marina safe from developers

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Marina safe from developers

For the first time in almost two decades, Gulf Harbour locals can rest easy, knowing that their marina won’t be sold to private developers.

There’s been tension over its future since a deal was made between the then-mayor John Law and developers in 2003 to build 300 four-storey flats on the land. The deal fell apart when it was revealed the council had no legal remit to lease the Hammerhead, as it was prohibited by the Empowering Act which set up the marina in 1977.

Albany Ward councillors John Watson and Wayne Walker have been petitioning against their own council’s buying plans since they were elected in 2013 and 2010, respectively. Watson feels vindicated now the council has bowed to public demands.

“The secretive way that these attempted sales have been conducted should serve as a real wake-up call to the council when it comes to the sale of public assets like this marina,” said Watson.

“They need to be more transparent and abide by the legislation that these marinas were created by, which provides protection for the public good.”



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The great irony in your title - the Marina was built by Developers. If it weren't for Developers, you wouldn't have a marina.

99% of people that have a pathologically dislike of Developers live in a house. The inconvenient truth is that the Developers built the house, developed the section the house is on, built the roads, footpaths, power supply, water and wastewater to the section...

By rights, if you want to bitch about Developers, you should not live in a house. Then you could take the moral high ground.

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I think it is more about the open space there called the hammerhead, where people come to be by the sea and campervans stay. And the fact that these developments would detract from the main purpose of the marina.  Putting high density housing there would make it harder for people to access the water.



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