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No more scallops from Mercury Island and Whitianga

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2 hours ago, Deep Purple said:

Eastern Coromandel scallop rahui was only a few months too, now it's 2 years

Funny how they closed the area so quick,Rahui then total ban via MPI/Fisheries. Yet Waiheke has a Rahui no scallop/paua/crayfish(unenforceable voluntary)and MPI/Fisheries are still deciding.

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I scallop dive.  Dont cray dive, but often go along for the views.  Dont support dredging, but also get that not everyone can dive.  Not everyone can fish either, thats what shops are for.

I think the scallop take limits should be reduced. There are more people and finite scallop areas (that we know of).


I fish, never take the limit.

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25 minutes ago, dutyfree said:

I scallop dive

Love my seafood but scallops/paua Hmm take them or leave not fussed. Yes will be having a conversation on Sunday morning with Legasea via phone,we seem to be getting in to arguments via f/b. Agree more of us reccs ,we need a reduction if we are serious on sustainability. Used a dredge a couple of time with a old fella and said the secret is the prongs to be of right angle to lift scallop and tow at a speed so not as to be anchored.He claimed shop brought wrong angle,people tow to fast and they bounce

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I get why people dredge, but there is only a finite amount to take.  We either reduce demand or increase supply, one seems easier than the other.


Diving is very conscious choice and not that convenient.  Dredging is poor anchoring :) 

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11 hours ago, Island Time said:

I'm with DP. Dredging should be banned. If you have ever watched one go along the bottom, and see what it does, you'd agree. Can't dive? Bludge off a mate, or go to the fish shop.

 Problem with that IT is :how do the shops get scallops ? But it's better to decide how to do it once beds recover rather than totally deplete and wonder how that happened. I'm assuming it's a total ban and none of this customary BS. 

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