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2022 RNI Fully Crewed - RAYC

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In place of now-cancelled Akl-Noumea Race.  This is an extract from RAYC/Suellen’s email today: 


RAYC Update 10/9/21 - Round the Northern Island Fully Crewed 

Not to be confused with the SSANZ RNI Race which is shorthanded, this version of the race (which has the full support of the SSANZ committee), will be fully crewed and with only one stopover, or none at all based on your feedback.

We are proposing the run this race at the end of the season, giving enough time for those to recover from the SSANZ Northern Triangle, and before it gets tooooooooo cold.

Stopover options that we have on the table are:

  • Wellington
  • Picton 

We are also giving some serious thought to allow boats to swap out a percentage of their crew if we do have a stopover.

We run races for you!

To help us run the races you want, please take 90 seconds to compete our survey. Once we have a solid number of survey forms returned, we will be able to progress with our planning. 

Complete the Survey

Looking forward to seeing the survey reports come in!

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A quick mind dump of ideas to get the discussions starting. 

would suggest to make it a 2 part event with a southern and northern fleet and the leg from auckland south be the main leg with all boats. Southern fleet starts a week earlier and stops over in Auckland (or somewhere else...?) and the northern fleet and southern fleet start together in auckland for a combined race south. Then the northern fleet races home. This will encourage a huge participation for the southern leg and all boats complete a full lap.
Waikawa would make a great stopover and I think a decent length stop with a few wine tours and/or a few days to have a raft up somewhere in the sounds. Maybe a start/finish line in the outer sounds with a mooring available for a raft up once finished before cruising into waikawa, then start line in the same spot so people can check out the sounds on the way to the start line. 

Nelson is also a port worth looking into for a southern stopover and there are likely to be more boats from Nelson and waikawa than wellington entering the race.
Crew replacements should be allowed. This would allow for a longer stopover as the people with time restraints can bail out leaving the others to enjoy the whole event.
Also have a rally fleet who can just do the leg south then stay in the sounds and cruise home or have a restart later giving them a few weeks down there.

Another alternative is to have it a non stop race that starts at the same time in several locations with each start line being a gate that all boats have to go through. northern gate in the bay of islands, auckland gate, tauranga gate, Wellington gate, south island gate (central to Nelson and waikawa like alligator head).
All boats get scored as one combined race for ththe big prize. Obviously one startline is likely to be favored but you run separate results from each startline and a combined overall result.

Just ideas anyway

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Shimmer is keen, also done the survey. Think your ideas are great Josh they could really generate a lot of interest and when you look at how fast the northern triangle race sold out what do we think 80 boats?presumably a cat 2 race?

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