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Buying a bilge pump

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28 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

I've got one of those jabsco ones 8n front of the fresh water pressure pump, no problem.

But the shower drain pump just replaced is in a very small sump, no extra room at all. Considering my inability to look at a replacement I chose like for like. If/ when this one dies (about 2 years historically) I'll see if there's a suitable diaphragm pump that fits.


Here's a fun thought, most boats have these as bilge pumps, wonder now how my bilge pumps are doing. I normally flick the switch once a month and they make a noise.  Now I'm wondering if they need a closer look.

The advantage of the diaphragm pumps is that they are (usually) self priming - so only the pickup hose needs to  be in the the bottom of the sump, the pump itself can be remote mounted wherever convenient.

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50 minutes ago, Fogg said:

On bilge pumps I’ve just ordered one of these. Triggered by a feeling that the sea gods were sending me a message after 2 weekends in a row I was first vessel in attendance of slowly sinking boats whose average bilge pumps couldn't keep up with ingress. It has motivated me to upsize. I might even get a second one to give me 8,000 GPH. But hope I never need it. A bit like a life raft. But cheaper.


In addition to an installed 4000 pump, I have one of these as a portable with a 3" lay flat hose for discharge



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45 minutes ago, Black Panther said:

Having seen the mess in the bilge after being inverted I would suggest nearly every bilge pump I've ever seen would clog in no time flat..

Absolutely right. Hence an easy clean strum box is needed...

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On 19/09/2021 at 2:27 PM, marinheiro said:

one of these, Whale Gulper 220


or Jabsco


or Johnson



any of the wire mesh strainers will do







I've bought the big Johnson L4000 but need a smaller diaphragm pump for the lower sump.

I really like the look of the Whale Gulper 220. Any idea if there's a supplier in NZ?

2nd choice the Johnson SPX - I couldn't see one on the marine deals website that looked like this - any idea of the model?

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