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I know a few on here read my post from 1 Dec last year called. Raglan to Whakatane. Crew were my 43 year old son Shae and a mate, Shae was a tower of help and strength and he regretted not being able to do the full trip. Then on March the 10th this year tragedy struck our family when Shae was killed in a vehicle crash on the Kaimais. The other driver crossed over the centre line and hit Shaes ute at speed killing him instantly. We were plunged into a very dark place and after the funeral struggled to leave the house for 3 months. It wasn't till the 6 month mark that we really started to engage with society to any extent.  I have been to the yacht a few times for maintenance etc. but finding it hard to find motivation. What I am interested in here is if any others on here have lost children and how it has effected your yachting in the short and long term? I am to a degree a different person now and have spent sometime wondering if it is likely that I might regain my passion for yachting at some point. Thanks Ross

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Sorry for your loss RossD, and I won't pretend to know what you're feeling, but I'll echo KmC's thoughts, and I'll go so far as to say get counselling even if you're convinced you don't need it.

I can put you in touch with an amazing guy, pm me if you like?

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Thank you Kevin and Bad Kitty. Yes thinking things out in the head is not much use until the hearts there as well. We do have some good people for help and counselling so will forge on. 

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