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Whats the best easiest cut and polish process these days?


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The boats coming out for antifoul, so may as well tackle topsides while I'm at it.

The last time I cut and polished a boat was years ago, is anything that makes the job a little easier these days?

I used to use 3M and a vari speed polisher anything better now?

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Last time I just sprayed  waterline stain remover on 2 coats and washed off,not sparkling but see the difference,polishing/buffer machine are ok .Just to be careful can leave like a burn mark if too long/hard on one spot.Yes I found out the hard way and mark still there 2 yrs on.

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1 hour ago, Psyche said:

No shortcuts for the grunt work, last time I did it I used Farecla G4 on a lambswool buffer and Meguiar's boat and RV wax followed occasionally by Meguiar's boat wash. Came up mint

Yep talked to a couple of pros yesterday and Farecla has their vote as well, investigating further.

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Blue painted topsides, 2 pot AWLGRIP 2000.  I've been using Grunt Klenashine to prepare.  Very lightly, not to remove all of the blue goodness. 
Then polish with Grunt Supawax.  Use a wool buffer with some success, otherwise resort to polishing off by hand.    Local boat painter provided some guidance a few years back.  
It's always hard work, but super satisfying.  

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