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Avon Redcrest package ( 'Hypalon' fabric) for sale

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Avon Redcrest model for sale, made out of the durable and UV resistant Hypalon Fabric.

Only reason for selling is that while this is a great inflatable for my needs, it is just a bit too big for my little pocket cruiser as I have nowhere to store it on deck due to my solar panels, and I have limited interior space - so I am changing to a smaller roll up inflatable

My Redcrest is in used but good condition for its age.  Holds air well for a few days, then just a couple pumps needed to top her up again.

These have the famous Avon rowlocks, which means these inflatables row the best of any inflatable.  I rowed everywhere (never used the outboard), see video of me rowing around up north below: 

Full package is as per the photo and comes with foot pumpwooden floor slatsrepair kit, outboard  bracket, and quality 7 Foot Gull Wooden Oars .  The good thing about these gull oars is that they can be taken apart for easy storage, and then just clipped together again when you need them. 

I never used the outboard bracket, but if you want to use it, you will need to purchase a couple of those split pin / cotter pin things - they just cost a couple $bucks at any hardware store

I have lost the yellow wooden passenger seat.  A jury rigged one with a bit of ply and Velcro etc could be made, but you don't really need it - but my price takes the loss of this into account.

Full package (incl. Gull oars) $380

Without oars (but everything else incl.) $320

I think the above prices are really good for the quick sale I want, so not really going to be open to 'offers'.  I see these advertised on Trademe now and again for double or more than what I am asking (but no idea if that is what they end up selling for).
Anyway, the package price is as per above, so first in best dressed.

Pick up only (Mt Roskill)

Avon Package.jpg

Avons Stats.PNG

Avon RedCrest.PNG

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