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Been to check your mooring lines yet?

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Doubled up mine and checked all the boats on moorings around me. Lucky I did as a couple had issues which would have caused trouble.  One boat had its stern bridal line wrapped twice around the rudder and that would have been the windward line. Was a bloody mission to sort out but better than having them break free and take us out.

Think its going to be blowing 50+kts straight down the Weiti river in the wee hours of the night, could get interesting.

Blokarting mission on the west coast tomorrow! Yeehaa.

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Went to Westhaven friday arvo to check lines etc. 3 yachts (not launches) on our pier were loading up to head out for the weekend!!

I asked one guy if he had checked the forecast......"yea, don't think it'll be much" was his reply.🥴


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Just now, straycat said:

Metservice did not raise wind forecast till Very late. All week they mentioned 15 knots. In fact this has been the case for about a month. We saw a few boaties fueling up yesterday 😕

Yep, noticed that. Still a gale warning when we actually have storm force. WTF!

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