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Diesel Heater exhaust danger

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Make sure you don’t leave a fender over the exhaust…I’m aware through the grapevine that this has happened in the past.

The yards don’t like having to take a nearly brand new boat back to rebuild the aft quarter!  It messes with their production schedules


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Yup - specifically did NOT fit a "silencer" for this exact reason.  Its a well-known issue.

The heater is fitted in a rear locker that also has fenders, lines etc.  I fitted a ply partition to keep the heater separated from any gear that might move around and touch it.  Our exhaust is covered end-to-end with two layers of heat shielding.  You can touch the exhaust (just!) after an hour or so of running.

Belts and braces, I am about to fit a gas detector that will do LPG, CO and CO2. 

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