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Precision 9 Compass not upgrading

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4 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

Can the Zeus2 act as a nmea terminator? 

I can disconnect everything except wind gear as I only have one terminator. 

And the upgrade still fails. 

No. THE Zeus 2 is just a device,  same as any other. If you can't do it, see my post above, navico can fo it at Albany, or I can do it if you can get it to me.

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I got a terminator (thanks Bradz) and still can't get it to upgrade with just the Zeus2 and p9 on the bus.   Just sits at 0%.

Will call Navico tomorrow,and reach out to you IT if they are unhelpful...

Thanks all. 

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25 minutes ago, Island Time said:

2 terminators, right? One on each end of the bus, and the 2 devices on Ts and drop cables, plus the one for bus power....

Thanks IT. Yep.

I have a 4 port bus.

Connected to one end of the 4port bus is a terminator. (thanks Bradz) this usually has the wind sensor.

Connected to the other end of the 4port bus is a backbone cable which has two tees and a terminator on the very end of it.  It runs from about the engine to parallel with the mast. 

Power, zeus, p9 are connected directly to the 4 port bus with their drop cables

There's nothing connected to the two tees at the end of the backbone extender, these usually have the p9 and dst800 on them... 

I had planned to take terminator from the backbone extender and connect it to the four port bus to eliminate the extender cable but turns out the male/female is incompatible... 

Looking at network device list on the Zeus, it shows the p9 and the Zeus (x4) only so it seems to see what it should. 



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2 hours ago, Psyche said:

are you doing it via sd card?


The Zeus2 has Internet, at some point in the last few months it has detected the update and every time I turn it on it advises of an upgrade to be performed..

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Used the sd card method and it upgraded.

Seems to have lost it's calibration. 

What's the difference between "auto" and "auto lock" in the calibration menu? 

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