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Hurth gearbox hsw 630 slipping

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Hi Everyone! Need help,advice 

We have a Perkins 152 with a hurth hsw630 gearbox in our launch and after a big overhaul of the boat we went out the first time and discovered that over 1500rpm approx and 5knts of speed the gearbox will begin to slip we push upto 6.5knts at 2000rpm and then all of a sudden engine revs stay the same but boat will lose drive we bring it back to idle then increase revs and we regain speed seems to be fine if we keep it under the 1600rpm mark but after reading a few forms from years ago slipping is quite a common issue! 

Anyone in the Auckland region experienced similar issues or know of a solution or who to talk to about the issue 


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When you say overhaul, are you meaning the box was overhauled?

Things to check.
1: Is the oil level correct? This is most important. Many Marine boxes can overheat and then slip if the Oil level is even only a little bit too much over the full mark on the stick. If it has been topped up, that can be a common issue
2: If Oil is original, is it clean? You do not want to see any milkyness in it, as that will be a sign of water. You do not want to see any shimmering metal in it or brown or black bits from the friction material. It needs to be clean and it's smell should not have any burnt wiff to it.
3: If oil topped up or replaced, was correct oil type and viscosity used. Yours should be ATF Dexron II-D.
Oil should be changed every 12months. But my personal view is that it depends on engine hrs and if the Oil remains clean, I see no real need. But if oil is looking a bit off, then it should be replaced.
4: Check to ensure the Gear shift linkage is traveling the full distance of traverse. Wear in linkages could be causing it to travel only part way and not fully engaging.

I can't think of anything else you can check for. If it still slips, the only path is removal and take to an expert for rebuild.
If it has been rebuilt, there is a problem. These should not slip like that and continuation of such slippage will result in more damage to the Cones.


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