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SSANZ Evolution Sails 2023 RNI

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In hand Ben as per design details, just waiting on someone with a day job to update things

normal entries closed yesterday, late entries are $3k

Miss Scarlet and Marshel Law have withdrawn.
Mister Lucky (Sunfast 3600 from Brisbane) Kick, and Equilibrium have entered. Now at 38 plus interest from 3 others but going on previous form we will end up at 36ish


also waiting on a few to update their boat and co-skipper details 

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From the infamous RT database with a couple of edits and guesses from me, not sure if this will post correctly but hopefully


sail name design notes
K4124 Arbitare Farr 11.6  
K8586 C U Later Ross 8 Australia, technically
K6015 Distraction Farr 1020 Marlborough
K8737 Drinks Trolley T30 Auckland
K9380 Equilibrium Martin 55 Auckland
K9023 Favourite Elliott 1350 Auckland
K6095 Flying Boat Young 11 Auckland
K9160 Focus Elliott 1350 Auckland
K9367 Global First 36.7 Marlborough
K10012 Hans Up Hanse 375 Entered as Henrieta, guess on actual boat
K6962 High Voltage Elliott 1050 Christchurch
K8349 Kick Elliott 1050 Auckland
K9619 Kokomea First 40.7 Nelson
K6069 Legacy III Young 11 Auckland
K44044 Ma Te Wa XP 44 Auckland
K8766 Margaritaville Ross 1066 Entered as Los Molinios, guessing this will be the boat
O 3600 Mister Lucky Sunfast 3600 Australia  
K641 Motorboat II Elliott 10.5 Noumea
K16522 MR Kite Cape 40 Auckland
K30040 Niksen Dehler 30 Auckland
  Pacman Young 11 Australia  
K136 Playbuoy Stewart 34 Auckland
K9953 Poulpito Sydney 38 Noumea
K8681 Relapse Rocket 50 Auckland
K28538 Serena T 1150 Auckland
K4379 Shimmer II Townson 34 Auckland
K6980 Simply Irresistible Young 11 Christchurch
K143 Simply The Best Elliott 43 Auckland
K5077 Southern Fun Davidson 36 Auckland
K4903 Start Me Up Ross 930  
K9848 Sweetwaters S&S  
K4750 Urban Cowboy Ross 40 Auckland
K9263 Vixen 76 Class 40 Auckland
K8907 Waka t850 Auckland
K1248 Whichway Davidson 52 Auckland
K10303 Wired BBW 52 Auckland
K6992 Zest C36 Nelson
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Pretty close Mark

Arbitare is from Mana

Margaritaville yes Auckland

Hans Up was Henrietta and is Pine harbour based now, was Coromandel 

‘Start Me Up is Westhaven based

Sweatwaters is Auckland (I think)

Most international fleet ever, two French flagged, three Australian flagged and seven Southerners one of which is technically English/American 

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2 hours ago, Shimmer said:

Thanks guys plenty to think about there. Any truth to the rumor Kia Kaha will be a late entry?

Always lots of rumours add Awen and Rum Bucket to the list of rumours also

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2 hours ago, Shimmer said:

Great to see the boat / crew profiles and read up on the fleet.

Any idea when we will see the division splits?

getting excited now!

Division splits will be done after last phrf changes have been made. 
Date for last changes is 7th February but these won’t come through until these are processed 

But I’d be counting on being in Div 4 Shimmer

top limit for D4 will be about .800ish

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Ha ha yep I was pretty sure we would be div 4 Jon but very interested to see who else will be in our division. On the PHRF cut off I’m getting 1 more sail so as soon as I have the dimensions from sail maker I will apply for alteration to my PHRF hopefully it won’t go up much 👃

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