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SSANZ Triple Series 2022

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Hi Jon here’s a question for you

with plans to do the 2NI next year I had planned on competing in the long haul division in the triple series this winter to get us some slightly longer potentially more challenging courses.

However looking at entries in previous years this division seems to be mostly much faster boats than Shimmer leaving me thinking that we would have closer racing in the PIC division and that close racing always has us pushing harder.

I can see benefits to both options.  . . Any advice which you think would be of more use.

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We have often had boats in this position and mostly they decide time on the water to be more beneficial than close racing, in RNI leg two you will only be in sight to North Cape and may not see another boat until you enter Cook Strait

Enter longhaul, if no one else similar does and your going to be all alone we will swap you to SH.
I did this in 2011 as was doing 2012 RNZ, in the 100 we were caught on the wrong side of a wind change, the finish boat said just send us your finish time 😂

That was the year the 40kts can in from the north and the yachts ahead wiped out and dropped rigs, we were so far last we decided no point in flying a kite so just two sailed home with no damage.

So there’s often a silver lining to these things

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11 hours ago, ex Elly said:

Found this random comment in the NOR: 

" d and e need swapping so all multi stuff together"  🤣

You win the prize

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18 hours ago, ex Elly said:

There has been a mixup with the divisions. Evolution Sails 2 and 3 are round the wrong way in the Sailing Instructions. So 24 boats have inadvertently entered the cruising division.


Is there an amendment to the SI's? 

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3 hours ago, ex Elly said:

Should Farr 1020's have their own division?


Seven in same division and they can ask for their own scoring within that Div or their own stand alone one

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