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Yanmar 2GM20 Marine Diesel Engine Parts

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See TradeMe listing: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/engine-parts/listing/3569791254 

This might be of interest to owners of Yanmar 2GM20, 3GM30, etc. engines looking for an economic source of spare parts. Description as follows:

A complete Yanmar 2GM20 marine diesel engine, without gearbox, suitable for spare parts. Unfortunately the engine suffered a hydraulicking failure (exhaust cooling water found its way into No.1 cylinder, damaging head gasket, main block and one piston). However, there are thousands of dollars worth of new, nearly new and recently reconditioned parts including:

Fuel system: fuel lift pumps (2, including one unused spare), secondary filter, high pressure injection pump (recently serviced), fuel injectors (recently serviced)

Cooling water pumps (2): 1 near new, 1 old that needs new impellor and face plate, flexible hoses

Engine mounts: 4, near new

Ignition system: control panel, starter motor, solenoid, Hitachi alternator configured to run with external Smart Alternator Regulator

Head assembly, valves, rocker arm and cover

Drive assembly: one piston with rings in good condition (the other is damaged), conrods, main shaft, flywheel.

Exhaust elbow (near new)

Spare bearings, gaskets, fuel filter, belts, etc. - see photos

I would prefer the buyer to take the lot, rather than sell individual parts.

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