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Eno gas cooker repair

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Yeah, not strictly legal, but when servicing costs half the price of replacement, needs must.  If you have never done any gas work before I strongly recommend passing this job to the professionals.

Our Eno two burner stopped burning on one ring.  It would light, but wouldn't stay alight.  Simple eh - replace the thermocouple.

So I ordered one from the friendly team at fridgetech and set about replacing it.  This requires removing the aluminium alloy burner from the body of the stove.

Being French, the burner is held in place by stainless steel cheese head machine screws which, after having lots of salt water and heat, had fused themselves to the burner.  I ended up drilling them out.  Very likely, so will you if you ever have to do this job.

The thermocouple is held by a simple spring clip, so actual replacement is simple.

Reassembled and soap-tested, it still didn't go right.  Grrrr.  So I pulled the flame protection solenoid out and it had clears signs of saltwater immersion, probably from repeated saltwater boilovers.

Again, Fridgetech for the new part. It's a tiny solenoid and I can't see $45 in it, but that's the going rate.

Apart again, together again, soap test again, success!

Looking at the construction I cannot see the retail price in any of the build of these Eno items.  The finish is pretty poor with sharp edges on the sheetwork and dumb engineering choices like the number of dissimilar metals.

If it ever fails completely, I'll be replacing it with a different manufacturers product.



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