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Fisheries amendment bill submissions end tonite.......11.59pm URGENT.

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It appears to me our esteemed govt are once again taking away rights that fundamentally they don't/shouldn't have mandate for.

Object here if you agree.  https://legasea.co.nz/action/campaigns/fisheries-amendment-bill-2022-submission/

Fast track:  # No you don't support

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MPI are, imo,  incompetent, and put commercial interest ahead of whats best for av. Kiwi & the health of our fishery/coastal waters.

Some parts of the amendment have merit, but generally I don't think it is a step forward. Reducing quota's immediately is valid.

HARRY T please add your wisdom.



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Introducing more responsive decision-making:

The Bill proposes 2 changes to support more responsive decision-making.

Pre-set decision rules.

Recreational fishing management controls.

Pre-set decision rules would allow the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries to set and adjust sustainability measures and catch settings for fish stocks, within set limits, as needed.

Creating and putting in place pre-set decision rules will take time. Once in place, it’ll lessen the time it takes to adjust catch limits in response to changes in certain fish stocks.

Currently, changing recreational fishing controls like bag limits and minimum legal sizes can take up to 2 years. The Bill proposes to speed up the process. It will allow changes to be set by a Notice instead of through a regulation process. This will make setting recreational controls faster and more consistent with the setting of commercial controls.



Seems reasonable, its at select committee stage so its time to make submissions. Can you explain specifically what rights are being taken and refer to which part of the legislation that is relevant. 




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Bloody short notice,saw it Tueday and it appears we will not be able to make submissions on stock/wastage etc. Basically giving the fishing industry a free pass to do what and how they like. The commercial sector claims its about camera installation.Really not hard.The mpi/fisheries need to grow some balls,no camera no fishing.

Pretty much takes away our rights to question MPI/fisheries.

In the end its the public who will suffer reduced bag limits increase in sizes and those twits that say 3 snapper is enough on social media etc is what fisheries will see and say "look the reccs are happy with 3 snapper" then theres the "we only 42cm ,next minute size increase.    Spawning is another issue those say we shouldnt fish in spawning season.When is spawning season??generally Octobet to December but the water temp must +18c or greater fish can spawn more than once .The trick is commercial need to be out to the 100m or 10 miles from land for trawlers.Theres a Legasea thing called rescue fish. https://rescuefish.co.nz/petition/  The problem I have is the call to turn all trawlers in to long liners. 100 vessels 3000 hooks equates too 300,000 fish extract from areas mum n dad fish. daily.

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6 hours ago, Psyche said:


Seems reasonable, its at select committee stage so its time to make submissions. Can you explain specifically what rights are being taken and refer to which part of the legislation that is relevant. 




 a little more subtle.

Specifically, individual interest groups participation in the setting of quota. The presets. Is the methodology going to be presented with scientific endorsement

 So then we can get perhaps get a results that their PR touts. All fluffy waffle and wait, and wait so as not to tread on anyones toes. The fishing industry both sport and commercial caused the current state so they should feel some pain. 

In the past Electronic catch & position reporting, cameras, more paperwork, digital (whoopee), if these aren't implemented and enforced with a clear target then whats the point. HT 's right they need to grow a pair. And work to ethic not votes and back scatching.

Obviously, most don't see (or care) the changes that have happened to our sealife over past 50yrs.

The human condition; exploit till its gone then move on.


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I suggested back in 2013 a land all catch.Scott Macindoe(legasea) was totally against the idea due to opening up of a market for small fish.My arguement was better to land than dump/waste the catch and too bad what price they got for it.The commercial sector needs to fish smarter,after all they have all the gear to determin size/species. Now Minister Parker wants all landed but with this latest submission to exclude public from making submissions guess hes been brought by the industry. National started it all with Nathan Guy mpi minister and when one has the Sanford owner for president are you going to step on industry toes? Peter Goodfellow.

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