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Hull to deck question?

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Please help, I am looking at purchasing this boat. Have found soft wood where the staunchion screws enter through the deck topside into a timber that is glassed in. The timber runs from bow to stern, it’s fully glassed in. It sort of looks like the diagrams shown except it’s tabbed in corners like the yellow line I have drawn and doesn’t have an external rub rail or bolts through that lip. Hopefully it makes sense. The boat is a Lidgard 29.

Is this major? Is it structural, it’s likely each stanchion screws have let water in each one,would it need full replacement or sections cutout and re-glassed? I haven’t had a survey or a builder look at it. 

should I row away right now or is is it possibly not that bad? 





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The later, and a lot of home finished Lidgard 29's had the topsides raised by adding a timber extension to the hull. Something like the picture attached. I would definitely recommend that you get a boatbuilder, or survey done to check  it out.

I did a lot of sea miles in all sorts of  conditions many years ago on Lapse of Reason. Good little boats.

L29 gunnel.jpg

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What's the hull core? If it's timber or balsa then it could get bad quickly.

I'd definitely get a survey & work out how far this might go. Once you dig onto it these issues can take on a life of their own. :-(  

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Hull was built by Lidgards and is core mat fibre glass. It appears the only wood is that strip around the top of the hull, it’s internally glassed in.

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some hulls were corematt, some were 12mm klegecell foam core. the decks were klegecell or divinecell foam core with kahikatea timber edging and inserts.

if you have a boating nz mag, look up rob nearly in the back. he was at lidgards not too long after me, and is a good surveyor 

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New Zealand
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Rob Neeley - 027 694 3103

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