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Vulcan 7R and Lowrance point 1 behaving badly

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Didn't get much time to trouble shoot this at the weekend, but looking for pointers on what to check:

N2K network, 

2x triton displays, Vulcan 7R, Lowrance point 1 (B&G ZG100 equivelent) compass/gps, terminators on both ends of the backbone;)

When the Vulcan is switched off, the tritons will pick up heading from the point 1, when its switched on, they won't. Switch off the Vulcan again, and the heading reappears on the display.

When the vulcan is on, I do have an option on the triton to use COG as heading, but thats nots ideal obviously, I want true heading from the compass. 

Feels like something in the Vulcan is spewing out a network config thats over riding the compass I think, what should I be looking for?


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On the Vulcan, with everything on, go to menu, network, sources, and run autoselect. Alternatively you can manually select the sources under network, sources, but easier just to let the system do it.

report back if that's not it...

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Resurrecting this topic as I found the solution, but haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. It turns out I wasn't going mad and the system did have an issue. There was a second heading sensor on the network. Turns out the ZG100 stops transmitting heading if it sees anything else sending heading onto the N2K bus(even if its the chartplotter spitting out COG as a HDG sentence).

The solution (cryptically written in the instructions I admit) is to change the instance of the Zg100/point-1 from 0 to 1. Problem solved!

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