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Mahurangi weekend

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Looking worse now, there are calls for it to be delayed a week, however I doubt the shore based organisers would go with that, is the Marquee and Big Band still on???

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16 hours ago, Black Panther said:

This sucks.  We pulled the plug early after NY thinking  we would head out again for a week or two this Friday.

Same here!!

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2023 Regatta Cancellation

Notice Unfortunately due to the weather, the 2023 Mahurangi Regatta has been cancelled. The weather situation for Saturday from multiple sources is for winds 15-25kn gusting 30kn from the north-east with rain from Friday afternoon to Sunday. The races and events to Mahurangi run by CYA, DYC, SYC and CCYC have also been cancelled.The Regatta Committee is disappointed to have to make this announcement and we wish you the best in enjoying alternative activities for the Anniversary Weekend.Cheers Martin FarrandCommodoreMahurangi Cruising Club

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At this point Id like to remind members that we did have summer this year, 

Pretty sure it occurred on Monday this week when everyone was back at work. Here's proof; IMG_2835.thumb.jpeg.9378c78b3fe8470c5f95753d31624ac5.jpeg


Spent the night at the Happy Jacks and here's the view at midnight looking up;



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On 26/01/2023 at 1:53 PM, Priscilla II said:

You can all come to the Pahi regatta….


Wow, I didn't even know this was still a thing!

Years ago (like the 1970's) they used to have a Ladies Race in motor boats.

My mum won it at least once. I believe the last time they went, she was the only entrant, and they cancelled the ladies race from then on. 

They had a condorcraft 15' Deep forefoot cathedral hulled bowrider, with a 50hp Evinrude on the back. It was calle Raurimu, after the street they moved into when they sold the farm. The thing went like the proverbial scorched kitty, although once we loaded 8 full size adults and four full sets of scuba gear, she needed a few extra horses, ony reaching about 15 knots at full noise.

Ever wish you still had the cool stuff your parents had way back then??


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