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Pauhia ferry crash

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1 hour ago, Bradz said:

Yes, as required by legislation, however a Friday is not a weekend. The above mentioned drivers, too are entitled to penal rates for yesterday.

Ours is a company offer. No unions at our place.Still prefer not to work public holidays but as least I get Sat/Sun off

Pretty generous as 3% of hourly rate extra if start before 4.00am or 10% extra to work saturdays works out roughly $150 extra taxable though but they dont have to do it and some still moan,easy work,pallet on pallet off,very little manual work and still cant retain staff.

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On 14/07/2023 at 7:14 AM, Bradz said:

Not quite the case. I think you will find that the unionised NZ Bus drivers (Auckland) want the new rate and retain all of the original terms associated with previous agreements. I for one can't remember the last time I was paid double time to work on the weekend, or at night, definiately have never been paid $60/h to do so.

It's impossible to comment on your situation since we don't know any detail.

As an HR person in a 24/7 365 business, I can tell you the overtime and penal rates are a straight market exercise.  It's hard to get people to work those hours or on public holidays, so you pay more to incentivise it.

No rocket science here, just supply and demand.

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