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Cheap Depth/Speed unit

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Plenty of options around in the fish finder range,but straight depth/speed?  Have a garmin striker 4, shows depth/speed/gps can set tracks /way points etc hardy little unit for under $350 with chirp transducer.  

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Are you wanting through hull boat speed, or GPS speed?

As HT says, there are numerous fish finder units that will give you depth and speed, starting from a tad under $300 up. Basic (small) chart plotter functions. The catch with these (and any unit you may want with through hull speed) is that the depth transducer is transom mounted (designed for fizz boats). These transom mounted ones are cheap as chips.

As soon as you want a through hull, the cost goes up immediately. You can get sounder through hulls from about $200, providing you already have a chart plotter to run them.

As a note, if you just want depth and not fish finding capabilities, you can sit a transom mounted transducer on the hull (like inside, in the bilge) and it will work acceptably, as in give depth. They tend to need to sit in a bit of water so there is no air gap between the transducer and the hull. You can get oil filled baths to do it properly. If I was going to do it permanently I'd just set it in a wad of epoxy reason.

I've no idea what a through hull speed unit costs these days. I haven't purchased one for 10 or 15 yrs. I think they generally come as part of a wide system and the total cost is a fair bit (like prohibitive). I'd look for a wind, speed depth pack.

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There is no Boat speed through water/depth pack available under $1000. The B&G one is $1380 + GST. 


Triton² Speed / Depth pack. Includes Triton² 4.1 inch display, IDST810 and NMEA 2000 Micro-C starter kit
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You could get a Raymarine i40 bi-data display for $467 and a through hull speed/depth for $566 which is close (Lusty & Blundell). If you bought each separately from Australia you should be able to find them at a significantly reduced cost.

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