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Caulerpa now in BOI

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48 minutes ago, K4309 said:

That, and this whole argument that it sinks, so can't be spread by currents doesn't sound fullproof. 

If your theory is right, then it should be found all the way down the eastern coast as far as the Chatham rise.

PS: Blind, not Bland ;-)


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12 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

PS: Blind, not Bland ;-)


Argh, I thought it was Blind Bay and changed it worrying someone would correct me...

Where is Bland Bay then? On the eastern side of Whangamumu (or the other Whanga-harbour, the one just north of Elizabeth Reef and Rimariki Island?)

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Here is a question:

The good folk of the Barrier are known to be strongly independent. Some would say they are likely to have a deeper distrust of the government than most of us.

Noting it was an outsider that first reported the infestation in Blind Bay, the first thing MPI did was stop all the locals from fishing. Giving there is bugger all else to do on the barrier, and there isn't a Countdown, that can be a bit of a problem. After several hui MPI have let them fish in their own bays again with a bunch of rules. Effectively meaning they can only fish out of kayaks.

Knowing that MPI can't actually fix or remove the caulerpa, and that the most likely immediate outcome is they can't go fishing, do you think the Barrier locals would actually report more caulerpa if they saw it?

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1 hour ago, Ex Machina said:

I wouldn't worry about it. Tainui are in charge of the Waikato River now, and they will sort it out properly. None of this Colonialist govt departments and science and stuff.

Am I allowed to say that now? Its not politics or religion? (that part is a serious question)

Please advise if anyone spontaneously erupts by reading that post.

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