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Does to me.

From just after the moment he starts calling starboard he is turning up. You can see the boat on the horizon moves from just in front to the left and out of the cameras view, that would put them pretty much dead upwind.  You can see just before the crash the Jib is backed and the boom is starting to cone across. Immediately after impact the boat is spun back towards port. 

Edit:  there's another camera angle online and you can see 11th hour is pretty much pointing into the wind when the collision occurs. 


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Clearly wasn't seen.

It's what happens when you try taking dedicated ocean racers around harbour courses / enclosed waters. These are the IMOCA's, where all of the crew are downstairs out of the weather and sh*t tonnes of crashing waves over the deck. Ideal in the southern ocean or sending it across the North Atlantic at average speeds of 30knts. Hopeless for match racing.

Side note, thank good they got some boats that give the crew protection for the ocean race. The Volvo 60's or what ever they are called are frankly ridiculous with the tonnes of water washing over exposed crew. They must think it makes great footage, all their press is of white water engulfing cockpits. I think it looks like really amature boat design.

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100% he tried to head up to avoid. 
Watch the other vid from off the boat.

These arn’t weekend warriors, its reasonable to expect guyot would have an eye out on a short course. 

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