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Novice crew member looking for experience

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Hi my name is John. I am 43 years old, very mature and self reliant. I am an extremely capable mechanical engineer/ fabricator that is looking for someone seeking a crew member. I am looking to gain experience so I can purchase my own yaught to sail around New Zealand. I am happy to sail offshore or around NZ covering all my own expences ie sail then fly home. I'm definitely a handy guy to have around there's nothing I can't fix and get on with basically everyone. Please contact me johnflys12010@gmail.com or 022 5096733

My work is fairly flexible so can generally make most things happen 

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Hi John,


See my two posts for crew required: North Cape & Bay of Islands.  Either from Tauranga or from Auckland. 

I am happy to take a new recruit, especially if he is an engineer and capable of learning by logic. 

Kind regards,


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Hi John

Thanks for your post on Crew.org. I can't see a mention of where in NZ you are based. If you are based in Auckland then you are welcome to come sailing with us. My name is Ian and I have a Whiting 26 keeler named 'Sweathog' moored at Bucklands Beach, Auckland. I used to race but am in chilled out cruising mode now! I often have space for a few extra crew.
Unfortunately my boat is purely recreational so this is not a job offer but I am happy to teach if people want to gain experience

I run regular weekend day sails operating from Bucklands Beach.
Overnight trips are also an option if people are keen.

Please contact me if you are interested in being involved or finding out more.

Email is best 
or 027 457 8220
Ian Gabriel
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