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Fico Traveller Car

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Perhaps someone has had experience and can provide some ideas on maintenance / restoring an old Fico Traveller Car on Oliver Sudden, Young 1034.  

The Fico Traveller Car runs on 42mm track.  The car is rattly and sloppy, and suspect the bearings need to be replaced.  
I'm assuming the end plates of the traveller are removed to access the bearings (remove and replaced).   Secure by two slotted head bolts.  They are being stubborn, so applied some penetrating oil, hoping that will do the trick.  

Would prefer not to remove the track to get this sorted.  

From what I know, Fico was purchased by Ronstan, and I'm wondering if the 42mm track is the same as the current Ronstan 42mm Ball Bearing Series. 

Any ideas, tips or tricks appreciated.  Thanks   




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Correct with Ronstan taking over Fico , these were the first recirculating ball travellers so through Ronstan may be your best bet for spares , boiling water may help with the screws too.

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