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This Weekend's Achievements


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Spent the weekend getting up at Opua getting acquainted with my new love obsession. Purchased our first keeler last week and took possession on Friday. It's been most relaxing and exciting.

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Went Caving, Abseiling (yes even me...) Rope Bridging and Rock climbing with my 2 older boys (4 and 6) at Waipu caves. It was an epic weekend. Damn cold in the tent overnight though!

Anyone wanting a cool caving experience that's totally free let me know and I will fill you in on the details. Its only 1.5hrs drive from Auckland and family friendly (if you don't mind a bit of mud!). My 4 year old LOVED it.




2012-01-01 00.55.57.jpg

2012-01-01 04.27.15.jpg


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After much stalling I finally got my hands on the new toy.

Dad's Hiab truck and my bosses big alloy trailer from his Southern Fizz boat and a few willing hands and the process actually went pretty smoothly!

She has been out of the water for 20 years, and is pretty much a new boat looking forward to a fresh start on life :thumbup:






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Yep, the funny coincidence is that the fractional genny that was on the boat when it came from Nelson is also off carbon, what are the chances of the 2 sails ending up together back in Tauranga.


We'll be easy to spot if nothing else



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