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I've used rope gizmos instead of bolting/screwing saddles and the likes to the deck. Took around 5-6 ice cream containers of metal fittings off, put about 1 back on.


I've gone as simple as I can on the keyboard which is now just a row of clam cleats. Out to each side in front of the winches is a triple Easy-Loc rope jammer for high load strings like halyards, tackline and those things.


Constrictors are nice but fussy on rope size, fussy on set up and pricey. A standard jammer gives way more flexibility.



Thank you for advise. This is similar to what I've been thinking just unsure if kite halyards should be central as before or if they'd be better on sides with other halyards. Upside of side is better alignment with a winch but central they could reach each winch which may be better as i only run two winches at the moment. Just took off self tacker so unsure how it will all work in practice. 


Will your boat be living at Westhaven? 

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put my new (to me) winches on! was initially happy but after sailing Westhaven to Waiheke on them I felt like the self-tailers were in the wrong position, so I shuffled them around. in doing so I over-tightened them onto the base so the drums weren't turning smoothly, and then sheared the head off a bolt off while adjusting them again to allow room for the drums.


so, that was fun.


fixed it all up now and relatively happy. they're a little bit big for the boat (beggars can't be choosers when you find a pair of winches for $150 at the car boot sale) so I need bigger sheets if I want to really confidently use the self-tailers in big winds. happy enough with them in under 15kts though.


what I can't figure out is why the to-do list doesn't ever get any shorter... :D

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Good stuff. Wheres the boat?

In the waterways. Look left as you head out of town at the Kupe st roundabout and you will see a Lotus 9.2 with a scoop added to the transom. Was in Melbourne last weekend but it sounds like the local fleet had a fair bit of breeze for the regatta.

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Decided I didn’t like the location of a certain rock to the south of Rangi Light during a single handed race a while back, so shifted it a bit.

Seeing as how Murray Ross was renowned for designing overbuilt heavy shitters I continued to sail it for a month with the kids on board before finally deciding to pull her out and have a look. What followed was three weeks on the hard whilst the good folk at Brin Wilson’s removed and reattached the dangly bit and I took the opportunity to scrape 20 years worth of Antifoul back to the Gelcoat and start the underbelly process properly.

Even with all the gear on, old Antifoul shards make a great chemical peel, so my face now has taken in a youthful appearance whilst my relationship with the wife and the bank account have aged badly.

I gave the rudder a bit more balance while I was at it and the results have been pleasing despite the thing weighing at least 50kg.

Funny side note- since relaunching the depth sounder has stopped working ????














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Boy you gave it a decent thump. Interesting keel on her, bit thinner and shorter on the cord and slightly deeper to mine when we hauled out at the same time. From memory rudder came from another 930. Beut job on the antifoul removal.

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Shite, that is a hell of a thump. Just goes to show how well many of that era were built. 


The F9.2 up there by you on the hard did the same thing to a differing rock. It looks to have faired a shitload worse, it's probably a write off. That's sad.


That's why our keel folds back and up... 

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