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A disorganised single Handed Race


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A few weeks ago I suggested a race, but have not had much feedback whether anyone was interested. I'm not adamant on the details and if anyone has any suggestions or improvements let me know.

Details as follows


24th November (unless anyone's got any proper opposition to it.) Start 10.00AM

Will be started on the water, and the finish time will be texted through to 021993863.

Start and finish line between Orakei Bouy and end of Pier.


Entry cost $50, winner take's all (or whatever value is mostly agreed upon).

Entry expiration 8.00PM 20th November


Handicap worked out on last 5 races on Racetrack, If less than 3 racetrack races no entry.


Course: Orakei start, Rangitoto port, Rakino starboard, Motuihe port, Waheke Port,

Pakatoa Starboard, Rotoroa Port, Ponui Starboard, Orakei Finish.


All entrants to be Coastguard Members

All entrants to have PLB's with GPS

No Restrictions on sails

No Cancellation, that is everyone that enters is responsible for starting. If no one starts, the money is returned.

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