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B&G Simrad 60 2012


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Piedys plow through waves? quarter pint had no chance at that, had to smoke the vang, ease the kite sheet, then the bow would pop back up, we would pull it all back on and repeat as needed. The forestay toggle was just about laying on the deck and the backstay is about 100-150mm longer than it was on saturday morning. Guess its finally stretched in. Mast is still straight too (relative term)...have bent it before.

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Smithy, thanks for giving us room on the start. We were a little late to the line. What a great days sailing. Thanks to the SSANZ team for a well organised race and series.


The owner of Outlaw is indeed a good guy. I spoke to him on Sunday and he was very concerned about the dodgem incident. Pleased it will be sorted out in a friendly manner.


See you all for the next race :)



Team Roosevelt.


:D :D :D We weren't that nice!! We were just very late! You had plenty of time. My time on distance was absolute rubbish. Nice conditions for you guys. You were looking good!

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Smithy.. Does anyone dip port boats in keeler racing?

I think you answered your own question :shifty:


Yeah but we weren't in a position to be Lee bowed.. I dunno. It's basic stuff in Opti and Laser racing. If you think you could be Lee bowed, you dip. I guess keelers is all about speed... (And we are still looking for some!! :( :( :( )

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So Mr Rosevelt wyh no kite from kawau to motuora? You guys where killing it to flat rock.


We were stoked with our result on truxton.


Had a mid fleet but deep start and got lucky to get some clear air heading to motuhi.

joined the food chain a bit later as the 40ft plus boats all steamed through and were very happy to still have a few big boats around us at gannet.


Coppelia were right there going well and gale force really put on the pace when they shook out there reef to be well in front of all of us at gannet.


Then reach to flat was a water line drag race and wasn't going that well for us so hoisted our flap flap and put the pace on for all of 2 mins before the tack line sh*t itself and we had to go back to 2sail. We were a bit low any way.


Mast head bag up at flat rock which blew out across the foot from the block patch to half way as it set (wtf) and the call was just dont collapse it and we will be sweet.


A dodgy gybe later and a very careful drop we had past mr rosevelt and caught satellite spy. a 2 sail to tiri as the breeze picked up a bit I was getting excited about the send in from tiri to the finish.


We reefed at tiri as we planned to put a kite up and relaunched the flap flap.


The next 40mins was" Real Good" and I will put a vid clip together this week. I even got busted on film doing a wipeout after which the camera got launched downstairs.


Next job. Find the camera.


Past outrageous fortune and finshed up just behind nosaka who had another blinder.


looking forward to some more spinaker sailing in the 100.


Big ups to you guys. You sailed real fast. Dunno about waterline speed. There was no way we could keep up with you between Gannet and Flat rock. We were hoping you were going to persevere with the genniker as you were pretty low.....

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Sometimes it's just not your day, It didn't feel that bad until we saw the results. Just forgot about all those 42ftrs.

Had a bad start so went and did it again. we gained back a fair amount back on our similar boats buy motihehe, and that was about it to Gannet with Gale force dissaparing into the distance we soldiers coursed it to flat with valium, zen and outlaw. It was just to tight for us to get going, and had to reef as the breeze built. Flat to motoura was conservative with a socked frational kite. then back to the soldiers course to tiri, where we had some good surfs in the 18's two sailing home.

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On Cool Change we got away to a reasonable start with the #3 and full main. Felt conservative but we worked on the basis that it’s easier to change up a size rather than down. Most the boats around us seemed conservative in their selection as well. Stayed with RR, Mercenary and Fast Company along the Rangi shore and through to the Motuihe Channel which was encouraging. Once we had a lay across the top of Waiheke we went. One of our big mistakes of the day and the end of the race for us. We struggled to get boat speed in the short chop and when we got going we were too low. Frustrating. Once around Gannet we put up the fractional gennie and seemed to be going OK with good bursts into double figures. But next thing Squid Vicious roared past us with a kite on. They led us into Navy Buoy. We didn’t feel slow with the fractional gear just not adventurous enough. We dropped for the gybe at NB and headed home. Seemed too tight for a gennie so stuck with the two sail option. That was the second error. The breeze didn’t build as we had expected and I think we would have done much better with a gennie. Just around NB Geralda, Erazer and High’nFibre roared passed. Really boosting on the reach. Finally passed Rangi Light and decided the breeze would allow a gennie. Hoisted, took off, immediately headed with a good squirt and headed straight towards Cheltenham Beach. In the retrieval the sheet let go and the recovery had to be done on the foredeck. Crew not that happy with the call! We should have gone for it once we were clear of NB. In decision makes you doubt yourself. An easy finish but disappointed that we hadn’t pushed as hard as we could have. Lots of reference to the big breeze in other accounts but must have been quite local on various parts of the course. The most we heard was at Tiri at about 33knots. It was a hassle not having a functional vang all day. The lead ran off the block and jammed the sheeve. Ended up cutting the lead and rigging a temporary one.

Sunday was another good day sailing with the Pons. Got a second on HC so the bar tab eased Saturdays pain. Next time!!!!

Congratulations to Richie and Josh. It’s getting to be a habit. We were thrilled just to sail alongside you guys for a while.

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On Drums of Time, we had a great sail, if not such a good race.


I had prepared for the worst winter weather (with a cold coming on) and in the end was way over dressed for the occasion.


At the end of the 4.5hr beat to gannet I was pretty overheated, and rearranging sheets for the reach was enough to bring on some nausea. Stripped off some layers, cooled down, lunched, and felt much better.


With the wind expected to climb rapidly neither I, nor Craig, had much enthusiasm for setting up the kite. We should have disregarded the forecast, as the conditions stayed fantastic, with the wind building to about 25 knots at Tiri.


Still a fun ride home, catching waves and watching the boats around boosting as well. Particularly a Y88 coming into Rangi channel, and a Piedy approaching North Head.


Booboo, was yours the small white Genni? You would have rounded Gannet more than an hour behind Hard Labour. That was the only boat that we saw really screaming past the fleet on the reach to Navy.



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The day started with a bit of drama for us. Main Hallyard at hoist decided it was time to jump off the sheave just as we went to hoist. So up the rig Grant went. Given we have no masthead gear the boat hook went with him. Thankfully he was able to pry by some miracle the locked halyard out with the tip.

So we almost didn't make the start!


Thankfully that was the main problem for the day.


Slightly late start on the Squid- but clean- we were happy with it.

Seemed to be lacking speed on the reach's which was a problem all day.


Great beat to Gannet- some really close racing going up the channel with lead passing between Mercenary, high'n'fibre, mix-t-motions, and a couple of others.


We spent the entire day trying to find our legs to chase entertainer down. Finally did that on the kite run to Tiri.

We were scorching. Log's playing up so didn't get an accurate speed- Richard what were you pulling across there on the change?

Had some awesome surfing on some of the waves.


Finally got passed the entertainer- with no kite up. damaged pole somehow.


Dropped kite at tiri- thought we may have carried it on from the turn- but didnt' want to have a cock up in a gybe.

Just as well as after making the gybe we found it too tight.


Great reach down into the harbour...and that damn Entertainer just chipped the lead we had away and snuck past us.

We pulled a kite out again just after rangi light- thinking we had the height to hold it...but had to drop again off cheltenham.


No dramas in the drops- don't think we lost any speed- pulled a little bit back with the kite up- but wasn't enough.


Followed Entertainer in by about 30seconds. Well done guys.....good win.


Bit of Maintenance needed on the boat for the next race....Hopefully get it all sorted before then!





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Brief race report from onboard Voom.


Fun started as we were beating out to start line. Dad asked if the yacht motoring out had seen us. I checked under jib and said “No, they are about to hit us - OI!” Thankfully they looked up and did a hard right turn, missing us by a boat length I guess. I won’t name who, but he has given us his race report in this thread...


We got a good start, and were having a good first hour or so, crossing tacks with Charleston a few times, which made us feel good. Then of course, they sailed away. Had to dodge around a few keel boats, and sailed over a few. Most were good enough to let us carry on our merry way and not pinch up to hold us off.


But not all… ;-)


Seemed to take forever to get to gannet. Boat was a bit under powered at times with the #2 up, but the forecast was for a lot more breeze, so didn’t want to change up. Starboard tack heading north felt awful, some horrible pitching going on. Could have been due to the fact that we had loaded all we could at the back of the bus, for the downwind b last we expected later on.


After we rounded gannet, we took off on a fully powered up 2 sail reach. The other mulits in front were outta sight, whio was the next cat behind us, and we couldn’t see them, so not too unhappy. As we got probably 5 miles in the leg, it got very rough, and very wet and very fast. I was clipped on sitting at the helm, as I almost came off the seat in one big wave. We would fly a hull, and then launch into a wave, and the boat would slow down as leeward bow went in. Boat was extremely wet, and it felt like we were getting g waterblasted at times. I was putting a reef in, and the tack ripped off the boom, as the track fitting failed. Perfect timing for a failure I guess.


Put the reef in, and as wind was forecast to kepe building, changed down to the #3/Storm jib. Boat was still fast, but heaps more controlled. As we went around flat rock, hoisted kite, and the sheet caught under the hatch and flicked it over the side. I know it take s a lot of effort to mould a new one up on the boat, so was keen to go back for it. Not to mention the amount of water we would ship without the hatch for the rest of the trip. We dropped kite and tacked back up the GPS track, did this a few times, and eventually spotted the small white hatch, in those seas, which was a bit of a miracle. 2 passes at it, and we had it aboard (I looked at the track later, saw it took us 24 mins to retrieve). Re hoisted fractional kite and off we went. Breeze had dropped, and could have had the masthead up, although still got up to 20knots boatspeed as we got down to Motuora.


Fats, uneventful reach to tiri, and then hoisted small fractional kite again. This was the most worried I have been about sailing on the boat ever I think. It was AWESOME. 1 reef, storm jib and fractional kite up. Top speed 21.5, pointing no where near the finish. The wind was OK, but the waves were a bit steep, and we would have trouble steering at times, and the rudders ventilated a bit, or the boat took off and locked in on her course. There was one wave where the leeward bow went in, as the sterns were lifted, steerage was nil and we started screwing into a broach. Ended up hull flying, with all sheets dumped, not quite broadside to breeze. Thought it wise to drop after that and try and head up to Auckland. Breeze built some more, and even with a reef and storm jib, I was uncomfortable on the angle we had to sail to get to finish, a bit up or a bit down would have been fine, but not the way we wanted to go. I put in the second reef, and things were still quick, but easier to control and less worrying. We still managed to get to 19.8 under this rig.


Breeze dropped as we got to rangi light, but we just cruised to the finish, rather than pulling reef out.


It was a pretty exhausting race, I was pretty sore on Sunday, and I think the old man was pretty knackered too.


Thanks SSANZ for running the race – Bring on the 100.

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The race was anticipated by both of us as the day we should be able to prove whether the canting mast gave us the extra performance hoped for or not. After losing the rig last christmas I decided to try it, even though PE (a Corsair f24 mk2 trimaran) is really not a racing machine.

We have one minor problem in that we are left on our own within 10 mins as the others clear out over the horizon, and leave us without anyone to compare with. We did however seem to be faster upwind before we got to Motuihe sitting on 8 to 8.5 knots, and when the wind came up the boat was pointing as well as the monos.

We were not last in our division with Little Wing (31ft Newick Tri) behind us, but as we hadn't raced with her before (apart from the 1st race, which we couldn't take anything from) we couldn't gauge anything from that.

As we went through Motuihe Channel, the seas got bigger, and the boat started to suffer with the constant banging. Although we seemed to keep up the pace our pointing seemed to get worse.

We lost site of Little Wing as we went right out to the Noises. But we did see another multi out there so we were heartened with that. It could only have been Voom or Whio but I'm not sure.

We carried on down the coast of Waiheke, at this stage in amongst the 88s and 930s, always appalled at the angles as compared to them. Andrew was forever saying, "don't try to point as high as them, they're monos" so would have to slide to leeward and be content on the extra speed. I felt quite sorry for PE, cos we did actually hit some big waves, and a couple times I think she was airborne right back to the aft akas.

Being only 23 ft long she was feeling it. I could just imagine how the reactors etc were fairing.

We worked our way through the 88s, and then the 1020s etc and rounded Gannet with the tailenders of B div and off to Sail Rock. (We then saw that we were still ahead of Little Wing)

The angle was great for some fast sailing but the seas were not. We struggled to get over 10 knots, but we did start to haul in the B div boats. I think we were a bit overpowered, and should have reefed because we had a hard time keeping the leeward ama bow above the surface. I had to work the waves and the helm was heavy. We were getting big seas over us constantly, and I was getting tired and cold.

We were doing well and had passed about 7 of the B Div Boats and was hunting down another 3, when the boat became more sluggish and slow. I looked over to the leeward ama and saw why. The amas have inspection ports and the most forward port cover had disapeared, and the compartment, (1/3 of the ama) was completely full.

What to do?

Without the bouyancy we were in danger of laying over on our side (or so we thought) and we still had a 1/3 of the leg to go before we could run down. We had to get the sails down and start the motor to change tack.

The end of the race.

We pumped out the ama (took 20 mins) and then stuck up a double reefed main and plodded home.(with just the double reef main and jib we still managed 15knots) We had done all the hard work and was looking forward to a bit of down wind sailing. But not to be.

I was buggered. Could hardly climb off the boat when I got back. I have decided that if I want to keep doing this I need to get fitter, otherwise I will have to give this sport up. Either that or buy a Hanse with all powered winches etc.

Thanks SSANZ a great race, the best series of the year

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nice one max! we topped out at 11 on the moehau on the run to rakino, at which point we decided 11kts was enough so successfully tried to furl the spinnaker and jib as one neat unit around the forestay. and hats off to you for managing a gybe! we tried one with the jib already goose winged so only the main and runners to worry about... and still managed to destroy the vang :sailor:

gybing a piedy in that stuff 2 handed should be an olympic sport

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Massive Big Ups to all the posters on this thread


Magnificent and very very enjoyable read of all the reports. We have some damn good could have been reporters here.

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Crocodile's (not) race.

Started badly, 15 minutes late, so decided it was a Mark Foy start and carried on. Pre-empted gale with a reef in the main but wind did not get up too much so shook that out after a while, did not seem to go much faster though? Misjudged the wind behind Emu and parked up for a few minutes... Chased down Wishbone in Emu Bay, 1 down about 30 to go! Not many boats to follow but we carried on out into the gulf a bit - had to do something different to everyone ahead off the Waiheke coast. Toddled for hours with not much to see nearby except the dolphins, who were around for hours and are always good value. Got pretty despondent when the lead boats passed us near Gannet but going in the opposite direction. We were quite surprised to suddenly cross ahead of Energy and Moneyshot so felt a bit better. Moneyshot ducked around Gannet ahead of us, had a great hoist and scarpered. We got up the big fractional and toddled along at about 10 knots with the dolphins again. Passed a few boats. Moneyshot were cranking the decibels and snorting along well as we went past them. Did not last long though as we smacked a serious broach, took us good few minutes to find our feet and some of the overtaken overtook us. Had a another broach near Rakino and some more of the overtaken overtook us. Did not seem that windy but some bullets seemed catch us napping, perhaps in combo with the waves? Got to the gybe mark chasing down Pint/4 but decided to drop rather than gybe. Mr Cock-up visited, wrestling the quarter-dropped kite from my grasp and smashing us down and around in one second flat. We could not haul the kite in at all more than a metre before losing it and being forced to start again. By now we were used to the stanchions in the water and deck being quite close to vertical washing along with the waves. Ship coming - bugger. Noticed Energy sailing by looking a trifle worried, quite disconcerting! Ship starting to wiggle and alter course a bit. Eventually cut off the halyard and one sheet, boat washed over spinnaker, upright, retrieved, gybed, ship happy, us knackered, declared a thirst break (three times in quick succession) and aimed for Orakei. No more dolphins, maybe they suspected something would happen! Overtook some boats we had overtaken before (once, twice?). Had a last gasp "race" to catch Result and keep Cool Change at bay. So close to last again. Not clever travelling at either 10 kn or 0 kn. All in all a learning experience! Thanks to SSANZ and well done to all the racers.

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Enjoyed watching the start, lot of boats out there very impressive.

Who owns Spitfire these days? They have done an awsome job on her (compared to the old paint job especially). Why is she giving you so much time Mwoodley?

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