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Route 66 Singlehanded - who's doing it?

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The Route 66 race will include a singlehanded division this year - it's a double-points race in the Hauraki Singlehanded Series - and it would be good to have a large fleet to show the clubs that singlehanded racing is something to support and grow, so, who's in?


http://richmondyc.org.nz/racing/info/ro ... stal-race/



March 8th, 9AM start

Westhaven, Auckland to Marsden Point, Whangarei


Cat4+ (see NOR)

cost: $50 (includes a bottle of Appleton's rum for finishers!)

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Any boats from Whangarei doing this race?


What about the hundreds of "classics" parked around Auckland? Such as the S&S 24/Falcon, Raven 26, Reactor, Nova 28, H28, Harmonic, Spencer Stileto/Adrian and a lot more. These boats may not be able to finish the race within 10 hours, but should provide within sight racing over 66 miles. Cat 4+ should be easy to get by begging and illicit borrowing!


I am still trying hard to get myself organised to do it, and am wondering if there is any interest out there amongst the more 'aged' boats that would be comparable to my sort of top speed!

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Anyone have a small Life raft I can stow below or a really tiny dinghy I can borrow? Otherwise I am a non-starter. My dinghy is just way too big to carry on deck inflated (or rather just bugger all deck space and I can't hang it on the transom either :( )


Usual caveats apply, i.e. if I deploy the life raft, it's mine and you get a new one. I have a few surplus bottles of rum.

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Bays Flyer 4843 Alan Wright

Gale Force 8044 Elliott 1050

Golden Pond 9230 Hanse 11.99 m

Heaven n Hell 6940 Young 88

Infiltrator 5732 Whiting

Kitenga 4892 Beale (S Ashley)

Manawa 4536 Marauder

Revolution Blues 5265 Ross 830

Unitec II 8512 Elliott

Wishbone 3397 Reactor

Zen 10003 Titan 36


Good on ya for taking the challenge - see you Friday morning!

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