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Anyone got a Lewmar CPX1 windlass?

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Gday team,


I'm looking for a new windlass for my 31ft 5.5 ton ketch.


I can't decide on either a CPX1 or a RC8-8. The cpx is almost half the price of the rc8 and I can't figure out whether the cpx will be up to the job or not. I've done a fair bit of research on the manufacturer websites and whatever else I could find already but what little information there is, is contradictary.


Not planning on 'winching' the boat toward the anchor. 60m of 8mm short link and a 20kg bruce.


Going for vertical because of a bowspirit not allowing a straight pull to the windlass.


Cheers for any and all input.

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Inherited a lewmar with my yacht (42 ft about 6 tonne). No problems but the ali casing finally corroded away leaving motor/gearbox to spin below decks making a bit of a mess.


replaced with Maxwell (Thru the good services and pricing from Knot Me), and am really happy. Made in Albany so no problem with bits.

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Install it well

DO NOT short cut on the wiring

Use the correct gear of the correct size and the correct match on it.

Read AND THEN DO the maintenance.


The biggest issues we see with anchor winches is skimping. The biggest grizzles we hear are from people who skimped.

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