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  1. kiwi_jon

    Circumnavigating NZ.

    Puysegur Point to port Fri Sep 25 2020 A change of plan. I was going to spend the night at Otago Retreat, the shallow channel between Coal Island and the Puysegur Point lighthouse depot landing. The idea was to have civilized night at anchor and then catch the NW wind in the morning. So the wind filled in early after dying from the South. With such a good breeze behind me I wanted to get a jump on the next weather system and use it to slingshot me round through Foveaux Strait, up the Catlins coast and on towards the Otago Peninsula. The big advantage is that the wind will be
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  2. Fogg

    Circumnavigating NZ.

    He’s the best nautical writer I can remember for a long time...
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