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  1. waikiore

    prada 3

    Ah the precious fellows, (We dont like waves or getting wet all the time when sailing), result course A canned. We are really moving away from real yachting the course that could have been used from almost any wind direction scrubbed primarily because they are scared of loosing more competitors. I guess we shouldnt be surprised it is the AC after all not real yachting like SSANZ or Vendee
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  2. Black Panther

    Bulwer Lytton Award

    For worst opening sentence for an adventure novel: Adventure Winner "Haul away on those slug guskets, you bilge-scum!" roared the aged captain, leaning wearily against the starboard clog-hutch and watching as the mizzen spittlestoat rose majestically upward until it cuzzled atop the upper spit flukes, and cursing his fate that rum and advancing years compelled him to continually improvise names for the rigging of his own ship but then deciding, with a resigned sigh, that it didn't really matter.
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  3. why not make up a s/s pedestal and mount winches ?plenty of older vessels have them.
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  4. just try to ensure that no one is on the "flying" side of the winch when it is under tension.
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  5. 2 jetskiers were the saviour of the day.gave me 2 snapper while I was busy catching hammerhead thresher
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