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  1. Wanted: Simrad Autopilot control head AP25 or AP16, AP26 or AP27 - any condition considered as our AP25 is stuffed Also has anyone got an AC12 computerbox? Please phone Ant on 021 99 00 75
  2. Hi we need a couple of experienced guys to help take Bullrush to Mackay. The boat is an Elliot 12m Leaving circa 24th July. Phone Ant or send a txt to 021990075.
  3. Please correct me if I am wrong, but regarding the ladies Trophy, i thought it had a name, named after a woman maori warrior. I cant remember the exact story, but she needed to escape a situation, and had to use her courage to take up the paddle and escape in a canoe (or something to that effect). The trophy, therefore is paddle shaped to represent the courage of the woman who took to the water. Please forgive me if I am totally wrong with the story...it was a while since I heard it... Janine
  4. Thanks Jordan...your story would be awesome..I think you wrote something on here about it a while ago didn't you....I will have a look.....if I cant find it we will email you back...he might just want to ask you a couple of questions I read the Green Hornet one a few years back too...I think it was in a book of sea misadventures, but all my stuff is in storage...I recall a dodgy raft with the roof blowing off from memory...
  5. Hi all - Tristan (12) is doing a school project and wants to know if anyone has been in an exciting/dangerous offshore race or situation. The project in particular is focusing on extreme conditions, and what it took to get through (human wise). Maybe it doesn't have to involve a raft or total loss of the boat, but if anyone has a tall tale to tell that he could relay he'd really appreciate it. You can either post on here or PM to me... Please excuse us if we don't reply for a week or two, we are without email for a few weeks from this weekend Janine & Tristan
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