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  1. Wanted: Simrad Autopilot control head AP25 or AP16, AP26 or AP27 - any condition considered as our AP25 is stuffed Also has anyone got an AC12 computerbox? Please phone Ant on 021 99 00 75
  2. Hi we need a couple of experienced guys to help take Bullrush to Mackay. The boat is an Elliot 12m Leaving circa 24th July. Phone Ant or send a txt to 021990075.
  3. Please correct me if I am wrong, but regarding the ladies Trophy, i thought it had a name, named after a woman maori warrior. I cant remember the exact story, but she needed to escape a situation, and had to use her courage to take up the paddle and escape in a canoe (or something to that effect). The trophy, therefore is paddle shaped to represent the courage of the woman who took to the water. Please forgive me if I am totally wrong with the story...it was a while since I heard it... Janine
  4. Thanks Jordan...your story would be awesome..I think you wrote something on here about it a while ago didn't you....I will have a look.....if I cant find it we will email you back...he might just want to ask you a couple of questions I read the Green Hornet one a few years back too...I think it was in a book of sea misadventures, but all my stuff is in storage...I recall a dodgy raft with the roof blowing off from memory...
  5. Hi all - Tristan (12) is doing a school project and wants to know if anyone has been in an exciting/dangerous offshore race or situation. The project in particular is focusing on extreme conditions, and what it took to get through (human wise). Maybe it doesn't have to involve a raft or total loss of the boat, but if anyone has a tall tale to tell that he could relay he'd really appreciate it. You can either post on here or PM to me... Please excuse us if we don't reply for a week or two, we are without email for a few weeks from this weekend Janine & Tristan
  6. To charge the Powerdive battery we just hook it onto the boat battery charging system and go for a motor. It takes about half and hour, but I guess everyones systems are different..
  7. Hi Grinna, The Power Dive: Awesome floating unit as takes up little room on the yacht I often dive alone, and the bouy/unit floats above you, so the boatman/other yachts/fizz nasties know where you are (hopefully). Real quick to assemble - about 4 mins and I'm in the water. If you dont want to tow it (ie you are diving in the marina) just throw it on the dock. I run it on a small battery and get about ? odd mins/25 foot out of it. Powerdive guys said get a proper battery into it, and I should get 50 mins, and 39 foot. I only use it for the quick scallop dive, so have never bothered. I rea
  8. Also great for removing dinghy painters from props, afixing carpet/buckets to bulbs and numerous other uses not mentioned in the owners manual....
  9. I'm selling my electric PowerDive unit, as I've now got a petrol one. This is the original model (same specs, different top, enclosed unit). Runs on motor bike type batteries. Perfect for shallow scallop dives, or boat cleaning. I'm running it on smaller than recommended batteries so can only get to about 25 foot with it, (still deep enough to get the scallops at Kawau!) but with the correct batteries you are supposed to be able to get to 39ft. Complete set up for two divers (two regs, hoses etc). Quick easy set up, as you dont need a BCD, no gear to lug around, you can be in the w
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