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  1. Transpacific and it did the whole thing.
  2. Pretty sure TransP acfic at Westhaven did these.
  3. Grant, whats this Marital Club you refer to - sounds interesting!!
  4. Have been in touch with the guy you are after Wheels. He's more than happy to get in touch and is trying to "re energise' his crew.org login to PM you. His case has been settled through the court (not totally satisfactorily) and he feels that as it has been dealt with, privacy issues etc. no longer reply. He will still respect Island Times requests though.
  5. Have well established fanworm on my marina at Westhaven - never yet found it in my boat. And I antifoul at 2 to 3 years but do regularly clean. Oysters attach quicker.
  6. You should not use grease on the pawls - a light oil like the old sewing machine oil.
  7. Toroa as advised. She was berthed next to Birkenhead Wharf for years but sank there. Was the beginning of the end. She too had an enthusiastic preservation society and possibly still does but looks to be going backward every time I see it.
  8. The big T


    could be ok but what if the stuff hits the fan and they do not go off? Who would know?
  9. The big T


    Just realized I need to renew my flares on the boat for the race to Whangarei next week, which started me thinking, when was the last time any life was saved by the use of a flare. When I think of the thousands I have spent over the years, I realize it is not actually about my safety that I buy them, but about a tick off box on a form that compels me to purchase something I will probably never ever use and that I have at least two or three other methods of seeking help if needed, all of which will achieve a far more positive result than a random flare. Is this an anachronism perpetuated b
  10. David, I've had Transformer in there but no swinging room at all at low tide. Water depth OK and yes, the narrow starboard entrance is the deep channel in. A midweek job for you I would say. And yes, I too have had to vacate in a hurry at night (in a smaller boat).
  11. You do need to tap it with a hammer as you install it and do up the bolts - quite surprising how you can tighten it then tap it around the shaft and how much more you can then re-tighten.
  12. Loose fanbelt? Doesn't explain loss of power though.
  13. The big T


    No idea how it seized - had been making a bit of rattly noise prior to big bang. Luckily owner had already semi decided on a new motor so had money put aside for this. Talking to Westhaven staff, they had to assist a lot of boats in with engine problems this year - maybe a function of most boats now being 20 to 30 years old as are the motors (and freezers).
  14. The big T


    Wheels, that was Extract Digit being towed out by me - seized his motor completely (New one on order).
  15. Am not to sure contractually where a marina operator has the say and control on who and how people can work on your boat? A better mind than mine for an answer? I would think that if I use a contractor on my boat, its my call and responsibility for that job- should it go wrong I carry the insurance in the first instance (and I have to furnish details of this to the marina). Health and Safety is surely my concern as I am the employer. An analogy may be that I rent a house but employ a mechanic to work on my car there - does the landlord have any say on that job? The marina is, after
  16. saw it up at Kawau and thought that would suit me in my retirement. A great motorsailor with a heap of benefits. Shallow draft Enclosed wheelhouse Heap of room Character Budget special (maybe) Simple systems
  17. My understanding is that like a car, registration is only proof the car or boat is registered, not proof of ownership. A receipt or series of receipts is the only real proof except where the vessel is registered as a New Zealand ship - this I think does guarantee title or ownership.
  18. Some Volvo saildrives have a three piece anode which is secured into a slot around the saildrive by three bolts which need an Allen Key. Real easy to do underwater. You should have a quick snorkel to check before committing to a haul out.
  19. Transformer entered and payment made 11 Dec but a no show on list of entries.
  20. I use a 10 litre paint bucket and lid - handy as it doubles as a bucket!
  21. We'll be there - crew working on how to follow on last years successful efforts.
  22. could always reconvert Prawnbroker - I think the keel is fixed in the original case.
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