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  1. Cough Cough, SSANZ and other cheap alternatives do not run Clubhouses, paid staff, safety boats etc. But most will use existing Clubs assets for prize giving's, race management (not SSANZ for all this but some). Anyway, belonging to a Club should be of mutual benefit to the Club and member, not just a matter of bucks.
  2. The big T


    Watched it happen - was actually towed by Police RIB. Drifted slowly down as wind was against tide and probably at least 15 minutes before she would have hit bridge when picked up.
  3. Replace steaming light with red/green nav light and use all round anchor light as steaming light/rear white.
  4. The big T

    Nanni Diesels

    Based on the basic Kubota diesel. Have achieved savings here by not buying from Nanni agents but going to C B Norwoods - tractor agents in Pukekohe. So parts are relatively cheap and worldwide. Have a "Nanni" in my boat - no problems in over 10 years of good hard use.
  5. Had a Merc 3.3 for 11 years which I got with a boat so it was older than that. No problems and minimal servicing (for that read occasional fresh water flush and a squirt of CRC). Drowned twice but always went. Only replaced this year because a new 2.5 Merc at Westhaven (just along from Sailors Corner - advert on street) cost $699 and all the "bits" on the original were getting tired - slop in all moving parts etc. All small outboards are, I think, much of a muchness.
  6. BBQ Brekkie (Bacon eggs etc)Saturday morning put on by Onerahi YC - $10 a head in previous years. Café Bar as mentioned for other meals.
  7. Enforcement and education go together - after the fourth fine, most people learn.
  8. A lovely thought and certainly considered by a lot of clubs but impractical and unfair on boat owner. Who would police this - I have a core of 15 people I call on for crew and who would monitor who has paid, has done their three races etc. As the yacht owner, I need crew to successfully race and yes, about half my crew do belong to clubs but only because they are yacht owners in their own right. Some Class Nationals certainly insist on crew belonging to clubs and I see no problem with this - in fact my Club has a Crew Membership category.
  9. Put the fee in your account yesterday but not on list - Transformer.
  10. It's gas, not fluids, and depending on age, may cost a small fortune. Freezers ran on 406 gas which 90% of our freezers have. This is no longer available and the newer gases require new valves and maybe a clean out of the system. Many frigies carry dwindling stocks of the old gas but it does cost.
  11. Have you tried Des Knight (Cool It refrigeration). Pretty sure he lives on the Whangapaora.
  12. Auckland Council, after lobbying from Watersafe Auckland, Coastguard, Water Safety NZ and other associated groups are now looking at implementing a Navigation and Safety Bylaw requiring all powered vessels leaving any land based facility in the Auckland region to furnish a Certificate of Fuel Management before leaving any coastal area in the Auckland Region. Spokesperson for the fuel industry, Wanna Makeabuck, welcomes the move saying that such instances can be prevented by good bureaucratic management and with the right legislative tools people will be able to ensure the safety of themse
  13. Inherited a lewmar with my yacht (42 ft about 6 tonne). No problems but the ali casing finally corroded away leaving motor/gearbox to spin below decks making a bit of a mess. replaced with Maxwell (Thru the good services and pricing from Knot Me), and am really happy. Made in Albany so no problem with bits.
  14. A big thanks to Stephen C - the photos were used as a slide show in the Club afterwards and provided an entertaining and sometimes enlightening backdrop. Hope yoy keep it up.
  15. Didn't realise MNZ employed lawyers to do its field work- over $200 per hour plus GST! Glad I'm out of it - these costs plus Safe Ship Management providers fees plus all other compliance costs make it even more uneconomic for small operators.
  16. Can you fit two downhauls and fix to sail, not pole. Good in gybes where downhaul can hold sail in position working with brace/lazy sheet while pole is clipped on
  17. Clark 7.7? Like Caesars Palace.
  18. As one of the Race Committee, I can say most, if not all Gold Cup and Spring Regatta entrants were contacted and the majority decision was to leave it as it was - this toing and froing took all afternoon. And it is not easy to just postpone and shorten a course, especially with an on the water start at Orakei.
  19. Big Cup Holders - we need two!
  20. The big T

    Westhaven ??

    You would have paid for the mooring hardware, which is yours. The annual licence fee is for your mooring permit which allows you to occupy the public seabed and occupy your mooring - to the exclusion of anybody else. Methinks good value for the money. In a lot of desirable mooring areas people pay a premium for a good spot - again you are only occupying the seabed with no more implied right than any other mooring owner and your permit can be terminated at any stage by Council with no compensation being paid.
  21. Not the McCormick with the Mullet Boat farm in Te Atatu?
  22. Still can't see how the request is adamant for the Compulsory wearing of life jacket on one front, then gives an out for the skipper - a contradiction. Also doesn't this really just mirror the current legislation which still leaves it for the skipper? Having been part of the safety forum in a previous life, I can say that at that time they were practical and listened to reason however the pressure was always on from the minority. And it is hard to argue against any safety message. I feel that many of the current member groups have a vested interest in pushing such ideals as del
  23. Would have thought the Cowboys reference early on would have rung a bell!
  24. They own a yacht not dissimilar to yours Smithy.
  25. Doesn't the editor of Boating NZ have a Whiting 34 - currently for sail with a sick motor.
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