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  1. Seems a lovely classic boat (at one stage), but crikey charlie where would you start? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3800586611
  2. cam

    RIP Bruce Askew

    Thats a beaut read, thanks Grant. Interesting to read his view on the forecast for the 1951 Lyttleton Race, and his actions to turn back at Baring head in calm conditions, based on a bad feeling, that's quite a sixth sense. Or maybe just experience some of us haven't got. And wish we did.
  3. Yes "A bit nippy" to put it blimin mildly waikiore:) I lived in the starting point of Port Townsend for some time back in the 80s. A beaut spot actually. The old Everglades challenge looked an interesting race of this type, in a slightly more sane climate. A good write up here http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/evergl ... llenge.htm
  4. cam

    Dinghy Gear...

    yes agreed boots are important for these dinghies, they help grip the hiking strap to which reduces foot/ankle fatigue. you are probably sorted by now hopefully, but if you want to sail the laser much, I highly recommend some decent hiking shorts like these with built in battens http://www.nzsailing.net/rooster-3-4-hi ... 49166.html or these which take pads http://www.nzsailing.net/rooster-pro-hi ... 49167.html but at least get the pads (for $35) to stick inside your existing wet suit (they work ok with any wet suit really you don't have to buy the hiking shorts above for the pad
  5. great to see Scott Leith still on the pace at the worlds level and winning his division by a good margin. Edmund Tam nearly got there but ran a close third in his div. Andrew Dellabarca had some good results to. Robert Blakey was on the pace too but it is hard to beat 8 bullets by Mark Bethwaite. Crikey I hope I am still racing dinghies at 68! Hope your Dad enjoyed it, it must be quite a regatta to take part in.
  6. cam

    Trailer Yacht

    nice looking designs those Dudley Dix boats Panic. I presume 'Panic Knot' is your creation on the photos page. http://www.dixdesign.com/26didi-sailing.htm Looks awesome. I like the sound of a modern light displacement design like these... What do you reckon she cost to build?
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