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  1. You have just insulted 1.2 billion Chinese
  2. Yes fair point about when it is rolled up IT, probably not worth the worry. - Fish the first thing I did after buying the boat was rig a cunningham on the Main, I'm thinking about doing the same for the genoa, old habits die hard
  3. Thanks for the help, all good points, we are still figuring out the boat and rig so we will continue play around with it. Setting it with a pole would be worth the hassle on a longer trip like to the Barrier etc.
  4. We used the MPS (do they still call them that ?) last Sunday, it was a broad reach and it would not set presumably because it was blanketed by the main. The boat is masthead rigged and the tack was attached at the base of the pulpit, the boat not having a prod. The week prior we flew it with the wind just aft of the beam and it set perfectly. If we are not to fit a prod is the answer to use the spinnaker pole ? This would sort of defeat the purpose of an MPS for me, the sail is made by the Willis loft and its had little use so its mint, any suggestions ?
  5. Does anyone ease the luff tension on the RF genoa after a sail ? or do you leave it fully tensioned all the time. I'm just wondering if backing off the halyard would increase the life of the sail.
  6. I think the modern hondas are air cooled if you are worried about water cooling.
  7. I looked into this type of repair for a volvo part and even purchased the rods at $36 each !. They have a very high nickle content hence the $ On you tube the technique seems tricky with pre heating and cleanliness critical even in experienced hands there was a risk of cracking as the Cast iron cooled. Brazing seems less technique dependant with good results I recall my fathers bench vise soldiered on for many years after being over tightened and snapping in two.
  8. Frank

    Rebuild vs Replace

    Likewise my 40 year old MD7B and its raw water cooled !
  9. Frank

    Rebuild vs Replace

    What he said ! If its reliable , has sufficient power and is a sweet runner, just maintain it well and keep the money, if it aint broke dont fix it. If you are desperate for a new engine try and get one that, does not involve a propellor change, a bigger shaft dia or shifting the exhaust position. None of these are show stoppers but they can add substantial extra cost, there are probably other avoidance factors.
  10. If you go the Lanoline route you might find this a better option, it seems to set semi-hard and waxy, might hang on better. https://www.crc.co.nz/Soft-Seal/6895-b7b7b944-0c6e-46ae-ba41-d069b501063a/
  11. Tried Lanolin over the years, I agree its a waste of time, I have also used Engineers marking ink (two coats) and found it to be somewhat effective, still not a patch on Propspeed obviously but if you are on a budget ? I have tried antifoul, it never seemed to work. https://www.google.com/search?q=engineers++ink&sxsrf=ACYBGNTl1XYis4O76SCY7134dtIvSm6iSg:1573319876920&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj22oaj0d3lAhUVbisKHXxKDYUQ_AUIEigB&biw=1366&bih=625#imgrc=HXPls6jMpCT1KM:
  12. I have noticed the same thing re Barnacles on a boat in the Tamaki and another at Cocklebay, the usual small pimple sized fellas just fall off. but the larger ones about the size of a fingernail are just diabolical this year. They grow roots through the AF, aggregating like sheet concrete to any Rubber, Metal, paint or Composite surface, maybe the answer is to ask the bank manager for a mortgage and Prop Speed the entire hull I hope it is not an new type .
  13. I see another old salt of Kiwi Yachting has passed on at 88.
  14. Frank

    Diesel consumption

    The whole canal boating thing sounds cool, is there a risk you just go from pub to pub ?
  15. That guy has so much bad luck ! On the passage back from Noumea last week we had a few sightings near North cape, Humpback I think. its cool to watch them from a distance, so long as they keep their distance
  16. Thanks, looks like it is predominately in the W sector for the next few days.
  17. For you experienced cruisers (Matt , BP ? ) what have you found to be a good wind direction when returning from Noumea ? Chrs
  18. Frank

    Luna Rossa

    That's for parking it on the sandbank so you can clean the bottom, handy feature.
  19. Brushing the hardener probably wont help, it is not like the catalyst for polyester, try a strong solvent like acetone or paint thinners and scrub with a coarse steelo pad like the SS ones. I have also had luck with painting a coat of interprotect over the gummy surface and then scraping or sanding that off after it set good luck !
  20. I wouldn't have thought a yachts auxillary would have enough power to tear a hole in the hull, maybe a bent shaft.
  21. Food, sleep and a bucket ?..................Luxury !
  22. Set Phasers to stun and beam me up Scotty.
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