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    1paulg reacted to dutyfree in auckland water level gauge data   
    I hope you have the appropriate consent for your water take
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    1paulg reacted to Fogg in Circumnavigating NZ.   
    Thinking ahead to the day he (hopefully) makes it back to Waiheke I reckon this guy deserves a hero’s welcome.
    Anyone else think we should welcome him back with a little convoy?
    I would say weather permitting - but after what he’s been through I feel a bit bad being picky if it’s a bit wet & windy on the day he returns to the Gulf! 😳
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    1paulg reacted to KM... in Level 3 in Auckland   
    Caution fella, Michael heads the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. That is an organisation that advocates for all of us in the Auckland region but from a business leaning angle, there are Chambers of Commerce world wide that do the same thing, NZ has many of them. They advocate for local interests, hence 'Auckland' bit in front of it, so the Auckland one goes to bat for the betterment of Auckland from business point of view exactly like Utu does but from a union point of view. The Chamber also does a lot of the technical things like Carnets and other important things we all need and do benefit from, it also advocates for better transport systems inc pubic transport, it also advocates for more transparent Akl City council, it also calls out the council when road works planned to take 3 month take 12. Chambers of Commerce are old, very very old, and due to that they have many important functions not only for business but for the local public as a whole. The Auckland one has saved us all from a council that's becoming rouge, it also advocated against the mooring dolphins for the same reason you and I didn't want them just to mention a few of many things. Michael is a straight up dude who fights hard for all Aucklanders not just business....and he does so while fighting cancer and dealing with the suicide of one of his kids, he is a genuine nice guy wanting the best for you, me and all Aucklanders. Don't just read the name and assume like too many total muppets do.
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    1paulg reacted to Zozza in muller walks, crusher to the rescue?   
    She's a Neo Con racist Thatcher loving zealot, who hides behind the fact that her husband is Samoan, so how can she therefore be "racist".  Just an old, tired, unattractive Neo Con "trickle down economics" (AKA all the money for my Corporate Business Round Table buddies, and f**k everyone else) type of Politician that is completely unappealing to the majority of the current NZ Electorate.  In a paradox, she may get some votes back from ACT, which could actually have the opposite effect and hurt National- as National will definitely need some "friends" to form a coalition with to have a hope in hell of forming a Government.
    Listening to a bit of media since the announcement, you can see the salivations from some of the right wing media types who think it is now "Game On".   I have a different opinion - I feel National may get even more of a hiding now come Sept. than they were going to get under Bridges or Muller.  
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    1paulg reacted to ScottiE in How to Fix the Hauraki Gulf   
    "look up the science" eh? I would if the author had referened any of "it".  Instead he's just plagerised "the science" with not even an acknowledgement of source.  Forgive me for being sceptical of such a lack of professionalism.  Being a magazine does not excuse this behaviour.  Instead this behaviour just reinforces a lack of credibility. But hey that's just my opinion - if you like this kind of reading good for you.
    As for voicing my scepticism of Mike Hosking on line - ya got me!  However I don't listen or read him unless asked to by a friend, becasue, well I'm sceptical of him too.  To his credit though, at least he does refer to others when stating his opinion - perhaps Mr. Frankham could learn something!
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    1paulg reacted to marinheiro in Boating now heavily restricted   
    I have sent the following email to Coastguard's communications manager:
    Coastguard issued a media release on Tuesday 21 April, which included the following statement:
    During the Lockdown period our volunteer crews have been involved in nine emergency responses, including six urgent medical transfers of confirmed and possible Covid-19 patients to hospital 
    As a boatie and Coastguard member I would be interested to know the general nature of each of these 9 responses.
    In particular in the case of the medical transfers I understand from another source that these were transfers from islands being undertaken on behalf of the police as Deodar is currently out of the water – is this correct?  
    Were all 6 medical transfers COVID patients or were some patients with other medical issues?
    I will post their reply when received.
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    1paulg got a reaction from Sabre in Covid 19 and liveaboards   
    Wheels - I believe there are 10,000 overseas tourists stranded here not able to get home - obviously some in campervans and from what I am hearing they are being turned away from all the usual places they would go so I imagine some of those are just looking for an option of somewhere to stay .  It would be a horrible situation to be in and I personally believe that not all the campervans on the road are trying to violate the lock down but just desperate !   
    ps. I am not a campervan owner ..lol
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    1paulg got a reaction from smithy09 in Tornado ripped through downtown Auckland last night including Westhaven....how's your boat?   
    Is hard to imagine the force required to upend that Schionning - it is a big boat.   I heard that one of the superboats was just about laid on its ear ....   
        Freakish forces involved .
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    1paulg got a reaction from ex Elly in Rainbow II   
    The article in Boating NZ was notable for its lack of research and poor journalism .
    My brother has an agreement with the Trust ( John Street) that owns Rainbow and did a 12 month renovation which basically consisted of modernising her interior , freshening up the exterior and general maintenance . She is more cruising friendly now and did a 3 week trip up to the Bay at Xmas but with the goal of minimising any increase in weight there were limitations but she certainly is looking better for it and still is a delight to sail .
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    1paulg got a reaction from Fish in Mechanical Failure   
    We did that passage last year ( to Australs rather than direct to Papeete)and although normally you would expect some off the wind with the westerlies for the first part then hopefully slightly eased sheets as you turn north with unsettled conditions which seem to be prevalent these days in May our journey was 2300nm on one board - ranging from slightly eased sheets to hard on the wind with wind strength generally in the low 20 ‘s and max 37 and sea conditions from 2 m up to 4 m which made it a pretty testing trip . Our steering bearings and autohelm gears seized so we ended up doing 400nm on emergency tiller - would be interesting to hear more of what went wrong to tempt him to get lifted off.
    It is one of the harder passages
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    1paulg reacted to harrytom in New Marine Farm - We OK with it or not?   
    A few years ago they had mussel farms in Kennedy Bay,When Japan had their earthquake and the tsunami hit,made such a mess of the farm and believe they took it away and vowed not to put farms on the east coast again.
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    1paulg reacted to Crazyhorse in Best/easiest wet Random orbital for shell bases/smoothing hard AF   
    If the yard you are hauling out is agreeable like Norsand, they will haul you out on the friday and leave you on the grid over the weekend to wet sand as all the wash goes into their drain system. Best thing about hauling out in a cradle!
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    1paulg reacted to Island Time in Platino report finally out   
    Not sure I agree with that Native, as BP posted earlier, I don't think many preventers would survive a crash gybe in 40knots.If the slowly increasing ap wandering off course was not noticed by anyone, or the ap alarms, then the first gybe was unavoidable. Things go wrong at sea sometimes, and a lot of seamanship is what happens next. IMO.
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    1paulg reacted to ex TL systems in Cat in heavy weather   
    The 27 knots was probably an instant when a pitch or roll movement combined with the boat speed of maybe 16 or 18 kts I think they have a nacelle almost like a third hull that is just above the water under the bridge deck and that helps to lift the bows. Pitch poling happened a bit in the Queensland races where light multis were moving weight fwd to promote surfing while running with spinnakers. When the bows stopped the masthead kept going and over they went. Think thats what happened to catabatic near channel island.
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    1paulg reacted to Jon in Is it worth to the VHF radio have DSC function. Anyone use it?   
    Yes we need your expired flares
    Handheld but I can dispose of your para’s also
    PM or text me and I’ll tell you where to leave them on my boat at Westhaven or if your elsewhere arrange to collect
    We use them as a landing aid for the big red and yellow bird
    In town they don’t want them as the Westpac doesn’t respond but it the real NZ often the people we are assisting aren’t next to the big red truck or if they are it’s a good way to direct the red bird to the landing spot which is often 100’s of metres away in a paddock.
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    1paulg reacted to raz88 in yacht in big trouble off Whangarei   
    Similar to others posting I've done a lot of trips up and down this coast, I'd struggle to guess exactly but it would be 50+, in all sorts of conditions.  I agree with what the others have said about big easterlies demanding respect on this piece of coast. 
    However in what looks to be a solid 40 footer, and from everything I can figure of the conditions over the time this unfolded, there were multiple valid options they could have taken which wouldn't have put them or various rescue crews into the serious danger that they did.
    Reading this: 
    Makes it sound like a pretty severe case of inexperience/ineptitude or worse.
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    1paulg reacted to Jon in Route 66   
    Nope, it is an au system and cost clubs per entry.
    We are currently developing our own new system at SSANZ, once it’s proven it can probably be made available to other clubs ( for a small fee )
    Our current entry system has become outdated and clunky. New system will save info like TY but will be hopefully a lot more user friendly, plus you will be able to go back in and edit your info if you change crew or don’t have all your info at the time of entry.
    Won’t be live for the CR&A Anzac Enduro but hopefully fully functional for the Triple Series
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    1paulg reacted to Island Time in Boiling Batteries   
    OK, so a (very) rough calculation then, fridge 25 amp hour, lights say 3 hours, 3 amps total draw say 10 amp hours. That's 35 amp hours per day. So that's a min 70 amp hour battery - I'd go for a 100, provided it will fit in your battery box.
    Also, consider your charging - the last 20 percent of charging takes hours. Many cruisers only ever charge to 80% for this reason, unless on shore power. The 100amp hour battery gives you that ability.
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    1paulg reacted to Battleship in NZ Politics   
    Did you actually listen to the interview? If so do you have any idea about what they were talking about?
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    1paulg reacted to Island Time in Offshore racing regs and thoughts   
    IMO most of the Cat one stuff for NZ is pretty well thought through, and based on issues that Kiwi boats have had over the last 30 years or so. Yes, there are some things that are a bit old fashioned now. In my experience, the cat 1 inspectors will make allowances for newer stuff if they feel you have thought about it and have sound reasons for your discrepancies/alternatives. Basically cat 1 is a wof for your boat, and mine is exceeding that basic standard anytime before I go offshore.
    I too feel there is way too much attention on life jackets - if you are 500 miles offshore, a life jacket is pretty useless IMO. Stay on the boat. Use a decent harness.
    Lifelines that cannot support the shock load of a person falling on them are useless IMO. I would not have them. Liferafts are expensive, and not that reliable...
    Yep, there is room for improvement.
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    1paulg reacted to ScottiE in Orakei Moorings   
    you mean you haven't yet Ken?  It's only 7500 pages - you're a stay at home dad with soooooo much time on your hands surely would have done by now!
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    1paulg reacted to southernman in Where does one sail after doing NZ and the Pacific?   
    Yeah I'm really looking for a gap filler close to NZ until the new boat is launched so South Australia sounds good.  
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    1paulg reacted to Battleship in SSANZ ANZAC 250   
    As always a good event by SSANZ, we were dead donkey last for a while after the start in the very light breeze getting out of the Harbour, Berenice struggles a bit in the very light, managed to pass a few on the way to Cuvier rounding in close company with the Gaurantee, Spearhead and Activator.

    Had a great run down the back of Barrier but started to go light on the way to little barrier. While drifting along at about 3 knots we heard a bang and stopped dead, after a bit of a panic we realized there were no rocks around, the helm was jammed but I managed to give it a wiggle and a massive mostly submerged log floated out the back, just below the surface.

    After an undie change and check of the bilge we managed to wriggle out from little barrier going upwind with our code 1 kite. The breeze filled in all the way to Ngunguru when a little squall came through, lovely we thought a nice 20 knots to get us around the Poor Knights so we chopped down to the 3 head sail and the old girl was trucking. This only lasted about 20 minutes when the breeze started to falter, changed back to the big head sail but it then went real light and we were soon drifting along at 2 knots off the Sugarloaf Rocks. That was the end for us we spent the next 7 hours drifting around the Poor Knights, Still with The Guarantee and Spearhead close by. 

    Around midday we decided it was pretty unlikely to meet the time limit so settled in for a 9 hour motor back to Smokehouse Bay.
    Was a bit disappointed to find the onshore activities were all over by the time we got there, oh well a good excuse to catch up on some much needed rest before the Sail back to Tauranga.
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    1paulg reacted to Bad Kitty in Flares   
    So I guess it's true, some boatbuilding products like epoxy & paint can cause long term brain damage! 
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    1paulg got a reaction from BNG in Rubber seals for window   
    Usually these days with acrylic windows they fit into a recess . Using a bed of marine sealant - there are several types ( Sika have one product) , it should seal and secure the window adequately to not have to use screws . Modern sealants are very strong and using screws is likely to cause stress points in the acrylic .
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