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  1. Hmmm... surely you could have come up with a different username?
  2. No sadly it is a replace job. bugger dont mind replacing them but its the time factor removing, working whilst on mooring, then taking it away for new ones to be cut, then returned to the boat, fitted....and hoping for a good day to do it in. Any ideas wheels on what weather proof material to use to cover the window openings of the H28 after I remove all the perspex windows to have a new set cut in case it rains & I am unable to return while weather is foul. best I remove all at once to save the 8 return trips if I have to do it per window. On second thought, the windows
  3. Ok. so go in from underneath it is then. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Next question: if the original decking is glassed balsa core, would it make any difference if I use marine ply instead?. The area between top & bottom deck glass seems to be at least 8-10mm thick. Was marine ply available in 1980? Got some good ideas here on this link: Dripping resin will be my biggest concern... http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f55 ... 00333.html So I need to plan this well as I can only work on it on the mooring and /or alongside a wharf on good weather days which is goi
  4. I discovered an area of the bow deck that appears to be softer than the surrounding area and am wondering what the best practise would be for a repair. Im assuming that this area is glassed over marine ply though Im not 100% sure (1981 Compass H28) Does anybody have any ideas on what may lie beneath the glass? My 1st question is this: Should I attempt a repair by lifting the deck covering, opening up the deck GELCOAT + fibreglass and repair from the top OR should I avoid damaging the gelcoat on the deck and repair from beneath (which I presume would take a bit of thought to excecute.) /
  5. a very interesting fellow indeed...and very very brave imho http://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/28/sport ... index.html more here: http://www.yrvind.com/index.html scroll down to follow the rest here: February 17, 2014 AFTER THE MOCK-UP THE REAL BOAT. http://www.yrvind.com/present_project/
  6. that is just amazing! If you click onto your current location you can get wind speed but click further it zooms in even closer . nice one SloopJohnB. thnx for sharing.
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