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  1. For what its worth.. I have just had my boat out at the landing for 2 weeks . Had coppercoat but after much deliberation I sanded it mostly off, applied 2 coats of primacon and 2 coats of grey warpaint. Boat looks great for now. See how Warpaint performs in OBC. The coppercoat was 10 years old but in the last 3 years I was cleaning it 2-4 weekly. Never seemed to get it really clean.
  2. grayw

    Boat rage

    Anchored in Issy Bay Monday and suddenly rocked so that anything upright inside fell over. Then a bit later the same fizzboat came as close as 10 metres to my anchored boat doing the same again with the same consequences but I managed a quick couple of photos. Also indicated 5 knots to no avail. This happens all the time I know. Boat was called EXESS a Buccaneer with large Yamaha outboard. Complete TOSSER!!!!
  3. Yes I believe berth holders shouldn't be funding the Panuku vanity project . Certainly the water clarity hasn't improved. Parking is a total joke. I measured the distance from car park to my boat yesterday....285 metres one way. Also no security that I have seen operating over the last 6 weeks. Cameras all removed and no visible persons walking up and down the piers. Add on the total deconstruction of downtown Auckland...Quay St.. Zero faith in Auckland Council on any thing they take on .Keep bumping up the rates and us suckers will pay!
  4. Mooring for rent just outside Orakei Marina. Suitable for shallow draft multihull up to 8.5 m or small launch. 2 wagon wheels serviced last December. $25 per week. Long term preferred. Ph. 021666084
  5. I own a small trimaran 7.2 m and are looking for crew for week day sailing over summer months. Sailing Experience preferred .Great fast fun boat. Contact me at: gdw@orcon.net.nz.
  6. Can any one tell me what the brownish looking marine life that attach to the bottom of your moored boat, in my case trimaran are? I cleaned the hulls today which are antifouled and get covered in these creatures which seem to bite on bare skin. Are they sea lice?? They get to about 10mm long maybe. Seems to form the basis of the brown growth on the hulls. Curious.
  7. I suspect also that this would give all the M's paddling their waka amas and fergs kayakers free reign in Okahu Bay. Interesting how Orakei Iwi plan a $24m housing project for their people and no doubt they want Okahu Bay back for their people to. To heck with the mooring / boat owners that have been there for years.
  8. grayw


    Thank you for such a speedy reply. I shall read about him and his boat with great interest. Thanks again.
  9. grayw


    I was wondering if anyone has any information on a yacht on the hardstand at Pier 21 called Dorp Beupa? It has been out for some time now. Maybe from Russia???? Interesting rig also. Cheers
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