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  1. @Vivaldi Hi Mate, is size 2 so chest measurement of 74 - 124 cm.
  2. New Spinlock Deck Vest. Was purchased for a Tasman crossing a few years ago but never used. (Surplus to requirements) Size 2 with full leg harness and tether. Looking for $350 for it. I think that’s a fair price? They are $599 in store. Will courier anywhere in NZ free of charge.
  3. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of Ali Boat Builders in NZ?
  4. Have been using them for years for fishing gear and other assorted marine equipment and parts. As mentioned above, pays to price check, but I have found more often than not they are well priced, have great customer service and have on occasion price matched / beaten. Year or so ago I had a rod break just above the handle about 9 months after purchase, no questions asked, replacement sent day it happened, received next day with a tube to return broken rod.... Can't fault that.
  5. I have inherited a 4m Aakron inflatable that has a slow leak from a poor patch job on a puncher. The original puncher I am told was a snapper spike, however I have a feeling it’s more likely a fishing gaff puncher. The patch is average as per attached pics. Questions; - Best way to remove current patch? - Is this the best thing to do prior to re repairing? - Any other advice? Inflatable is usable as is but I’m not keen to tempt fate. Will be used for inshore fishing etc.
  6. The Volvo is starting to make moves towards this as well... http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/news/9282_Upgraded-boats-to-use-hydropower.html
  7. Who ever built this ramp sure got it wrong......
  8. Is Excalibre yellow? If so it is on a mooring looking quite sad in Mangonui Harbour
  9. I think the media has a lot to do with this getting hyped up. Sure TNZ should have handled the media S*#! storm better, but how about the media, (who seems to be getting off on this) come out and name the source of all this info. Even better how about the "Source" grows some balls and comes out with a statement or interview for us all to see.....
  10. Full independent report here> http://www.med.govt.nz/majorevents/pdf-library/news/independent-evaluation.pdf Initial Summary below. People will always twist this to try and make a point however the fact is that the $36 mill invested returned over twice that to the NZ Economy. "The effects of ETNZ’s participation in the America’s Cup between July 2007 and September 2013, which included their challenge for the 34th America’s Cup, can be expressed from a number of perspectives including a total economic impacts and tax revenue perspective. In economic terms, the total direct and flow-
  11. Anyone got a working light board lying around unused? Have a small inflatable that I take up north a few times a year and am trying to avoid re fitting fixed lights etc. Most of the time it lives up north and is only trailered down the beach Needs to be approx 1400mm Cheers, Scotty
  12. Check out the last vid on this page http://www.triventek.com/videos.asp
  13. Who's given it a go for removing anti foul?
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