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  1. Fair enough, annoying about your kite pole. We actually banana shaped a couple of poles on dad's twilight years ago and eventually changed the down haul setup which seemed to stop it happening. Yep Legacy's entry is in
  2. It's a good race to do on a townson
  3. Bit of a slow day out there for Legacy. Had a problem with the #3 when we came to pull it up 15 min before the start that led to filling that 15 min with pulling apart the feeder and ultimately swapping to the #2, rather than getting the kite set up. But started mid fleet and seeing some carnage happening around us and more breeze coming decided to hold off with the kite until we were at the NW corner of waiheke. By then it was blowing even more and we were keeping up nicely with boats around us flying extras, and with the boat being fairly new to us decided it wasn't a day for trying things o
  4. This is true, but the thought of the marinas having to keep their pontoons clean terrifies me, cos I know where the cost will be passed on to...
  5. Googling for young rocket 8.4 rather than just young 8.4 will find you a bunch more info. I think I remember a thread on here, and a similar one on sailing anarchy with various history on these and the other young rockets. You may find some of the specs by trawling through those?
  6. raz88


    Yep just installed my b & g ais unit and seem to remember seeing in the manual it won't take GPS info from a plotter/other source, only from its own antenna. Definitely sounds like duty free is worth trying a new antenna.
  7. I'm thinking about it. Have quite a full calendar as it is. Pretty decent turnout entry wise so far considering the last 3 Kings race had 8 monohulls and 2 multis.
  8. I was just reading a transcript of an interview with Rob fyfe, ex ceo of Air nz and now on the board of air canada. He's suggesting the airlines expect air travel to be impacted for another 5 years.
  9. If you're looking at soon I'd be a bit wary of covid associated risks. Could easily end up with things changing in Fiji, a lockdown blowing out time frames, border closures making it not possible to come and go etc.
  10. So we can add to the randoms wandering westhaven, getting in the way, and generally terroizing the bertholders? You might be one of the few who uses it to get to westhaven, but surely it's going to lead to serious high speed, lycra clad traffic through the boardwalk?
  11. Don't have an answer for your question, but I just renewed my phrf and it was way faster than the ynz website said it might take... only took a day or two.
  12. A small but interesting piece of info, around 3 or 4 years ago the owner of brass tacks approached Richmond yacht club members looking for a partnership arrangement similar to what young entertainer recently suggested on this forum (share the running costs for use) which was taken up by a group of young Russian friends who came to a few of the club beach bbqs etc. They seemed very enthusiastic and had joined the club via the Friday night learn to sail programme. I remember at one of the club bbqs they flipped their dinghy as they were pretty new at it all.
  13. I phoned the boss on Monday morning at 8am as we were still off whangarei to say I wouldn't be coming in that day.
  14. I was on that townson. Was a long slow race but we worked pretty hard. It suited us in the end. Iirc the race started Thursday, and prize giving was scheduled for the Sunday night. But at the appointed time I think only Vodafone was finished - the rest of us were still out there.
  15. Personally having often sailed on small boats in this series, I'd vote for small boats starting first. These are long races and not like the ones from other clubs. Everyone has to deal with other boats being around, and it means you finish earlier.
  16. Legacy is in. Can't wait!
  17. raz88

    The Gulf Alone

    Might want to look at some different dates next year...
  18. The stick on the end of the pipe? Slightly east of the wharf? I could swear it was there when I went past a week or two back.
  19. This ++ We've had a supreme and a spade on various boats, both streets ahead of the plow we had for a while on the previous boat. As per the thread rockna, excel etc are excellent too. Imo it's not worth persevering with the plough, you can add chain/change technique, but when you're stuck somewhere and it's really blowing its better to not be wondering if you'll shift.
  20. Yeah should be awesome. Legacy hoping to be there too.
  21. Looks like we can expect something between 4 knots from the North and 27 from the SW. Should be interesting.
  22. So on Easter Friday we headed away on the boat. Sailing along about 500m East of northern leading marker, when we had a large rib zoom past us doing a solid 25 knots about a boat length away. While annoying, this happens often enough that it wouldn't normally warrant further comment. Except that in this case the rib was the harbour master. That's not the best part though. I then phoned the harbour masters office to let them know what I thought of the manoeuvre, and the duty officer on the phone tried to tell me the 5 Knot rule applies to within 200 meters of a fixed structure or mo
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