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  1. Let us know the answer Kiwi_bardy! I'm in the same boat would love to join, but do not have a cheque book!
  2. I have used the guys from Beacon Marine quite a few times on my boat, as well as another boat I was looking after for the owner, always been able to provide great service and helpful with any questions!
  3. I have worked on several different canting keel boats and never had a main pin which was 'fairly easy' to remove. Two of the boats had specialised tools to remove the pin with hydraulic jacks. Can't imagine that its something you would want to easily come out!
  4. Abimbo, I use two be boat captain for a 50footer with a canting keel. Happy to answer any questions you have about the canting systems. They all do vary a little but use the same system ideas. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss any thing at all!
  5. And I have one for sale if your interested! Icom unit. PM me for more details
  6. Size chart here http://www.apsltd.com/c-7463-spinlock.aspx Note these are Adult Life Jackets!
  7. Hey guys; I have a PLB Epirb available for hire for the Fiji race if anyone is looking for one. Nice tidy model in its own pouch. Will need to be registered online for the race by the user (Free and takes 5minutes and I'm happy to help) PM me
  8. Bump- Still for sale! Great for the Fiji Race!
  9. 3M tape is really good!
  10. we have this in Australia; basically clubs submit their sailing season calendars and get the permit. special or large races need a separate permit but generally pretty easy. revenue raising mainly
  11. IC-M35 Floating 5W VHF Marine Transceiver - Waterproof/Submersible (IPX7) (1m depth, 30min.) - NEW “Clear Voice” Automatic Volume adjustment that reacts to background noise - NEW “Voice Boost” button for instant Maximum Audio - NEW Noise canceling microphone for better audio - Large backlit LCD display - Instant access to CH16 / User call Channel - Normal, Priority “TAG” scanning - “Fav” channel button - BP252 Li-Ion Battery supplied (7.2V / 980mAh) - 55 Marine Channels - Optional BP251 AAA Battery Case - Optional Waterproof Speaker Microphone Has been used onc
  12. Nope just Brisbane River now. Aus customs have become quite strict of late
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