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  1. Tent poles perhaps from a camping store might work.
  2. Back from 2 week trip and spent too much time unclogging and managing disruptive head. Again!! Have seen in a couple of thread drifts that some members here have in the past fitted composting heads. Would be keen to hear how you rate them and any recommendations that you have as we are looking to go this way.
  3. The story of the other half of the expedition, Polar castaways; The Ross sea party also a great read.
  4. We need someone to service our engine driven fridge/freezer. Boat is in Waikawa marina. Any recommendations please.
  5. I thought this was a sailing/boating site not a political forum, but if this is allowed here is a response from someone who lives in Canterbury. Yes there is plenty of water under Canterbury, problem is since the democraticly elected regional council was sacked by John Key we now have the equivalent in cows of the population of New York craping on it along with all the other stuff that gets put on the soil/shingle to get grass to grow. Would you allow this to happen to your Waitamata harbour that you don't even rely on to drink from? As a first responder to the quakes it makes me sic
  6. we really enjoy free range sailing and stumbled into this Kiwi couple recently. sailing Bacchus home.
  7. robbp

    Waikawa E wof

    Can anyone recommend a person to do an electrical wof in Waikawa / Picton please?
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