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  1. Rocky has to be great value (read “or near offer“ he’s bought another.) If cost of ownership is an issue then get someone to go halves or thirds ?
  2. Jon


    Nothing hard about me But if you already have heat pump and it’s working I’d leave it unless your based south However if one of our units stopped working and I was head to fiordland for a season or two then I’d puta diesel heater in. As for Fuel consumption our genset burns supposedly 1ltr per hour and that’s Charging batteries, heating water, making water, coffee, bread and warming the cabin
  3. Jon


    We don’t run it for long, offshore heading south we just ran the genset when we were cooking dinner maybe an hour With a couple of units going, just to take the chill off cruising around northern nz we may run it during the evening at anchor With the boat closed up, the biggest thing is the boat stays dry so feels warm. If we wake to frost on the decks we just run the coffee machine and heat pump for half an hour. If your down around that crack that splits the country in half or south I’d go for a diesel heater I delivered a big new Swan back from the islands and it had a d
  4. Jon

    Coastal 2020

    Just ran some models, if your not in a V65 your going to arrive the next day and in the daylight for a lot
  5. Jon


    We have AC also and use that for heating in winter 3 of our units are reversible, 1 one is cooling only
  6. https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi6gICcwaHsAhWEF3IKHc-GCaQQFjAAegQIBhAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bunnings.co.nz%2Fvuplex-plastic-pvc-cleaner-200g_p1280250&usg=AOvVaw1w5PvLpKGXuuZ2KVf0rfz1 this is what I was recommending, and seems to work great https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi5rLHDwaHsAhUNU30KHQMZCaQQwqsBMAJ6BAgSEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKkl5g9SNK4Y&usg=AOvVaw26MkLzjsZ9RG6vFmYfuj22
  7. Wind is going to go left so I’m picking he’s trying to get as far west as he can before it swings. That should get him cracking sheets all the way across the BOP
  8. Courses will be setup at Midday. All but one will have 4 yachts marking the corners with long tubular orange inflatable socks hoisted up the rig. Spectators will not be allowed Inside this box. Also the whole area will have a 5 knot speed limit
  9. I think people’s attitudes will change when they see two yachts match racing at 50kts on a narrow track close to land
  10. Can’t say I had the same experience when it came to claim time
  11. Maybe need to talk to Itgotknotme, if he brings in heavy stuff from the US there could be lots of room above it for some PT11 kits in the container ? We all seem to be agreed that the PT is the best looking design to date.
  12. Clipper has some crowd that cut the last one he did for a bottle of rum, he said it saved heaps of sanding as panels came out spot on. Just need the cad plans now, if we did a few would really help with sourcing materials etc. Interested in how the panels are joined if the dinghy s more than a ply sheet long, if you want 6mm ply do you cut the panels from 3mm and stagger the join and glue the two to make 6mm ? or just join on a bulkhead and glass together with a beveled edge ?
  13. Been talking to Clipper we are thinking about doing something similar to the PT11 he wants the nesting and I’m keen on the fixed get the panels cut then do the rest ourselves set them up so they take a laser radial rig
  14. The highlander 11 could work, I like the centre board setup, one more thing that can’t fall out, with a laser type rig it would work. This would be my first build so the PT11 looked ideal, not that I’ve never built anything, I’ve built three houses from scratch and renovated or extended many so competent carpenter more than boat builder But everyone starts with their first one I guess
  15. PLANS for the PT SPEAR? No. We do not have plans for the PT 11. Why not? It would certainly be to our great advantage to have plans. Unfortunately, our boats don't lend themselves easily to being built from plans. Our kits are designed in CAD from the ground up as KIT BOATS. We have really taken advantage of the kit technology using tongues and slots, scribe marks and alignment notches. There are 7 hull panels that are put together without any sort of jig (except for the bulkheads and machined gunwales). If the panels are not super accurate, then the bulkhead
  16. Thanks Fish your post both made my day and F ed it at the same time The PT11 Spear is perfect They don’t sell plans and won’t ship kits offshore. WTF
  17. Latest rumour is the garden ornament is doing the Enduro But haven’t we heard this many times before!
  18. I can see why BP likes the Jimmy, looks like a mini BP Fish your pick has more rocker than I really like. I do like the Chameleon but thinking non nesting
  19. Ok the lotto ticket idea does seem to be working and OCTenders aren’t currently doing the sailing version. So I’ve got the workshop, time and foredeck space So thinking of building a glassed stitch and glue ply dinghy between 3-3.5m that can sail first, row nicely and take our 5hp OB already have a good 3.1m rib so will mean some of the crew can go exploring and the mothership will still have transport Design options ??.?...???.
  20. Quick look at windyty and he’s got favourable winds for the next 24 to 36 hours He’s possibly 48 hour off Napier then 6 days of either not much or strong head winds If it was me I’d be heading for Napier, someone there will tow him in. But if the motor needs to be rebuilt, as in out of boat to replace the shaft driving the pump, I’d think he will just keep sailing for Waiheke. Time will tell
  21. He’s rounded Puyseger He’s not waiting for more weather to arrive Out of here/hair like a bald man
  22. Next update OMG! and other words Mon Sep 21 2020 I am not one to normally use this rather overworked acronym but in this case it really fits the bill. I am right now in Deas Cove, Thompson Sound, tied up to a large mussel float mooring. I am consoling myself with a mug of tea and a large slice of my sister’s ultimate fruit cake, baked to a secret recipe but reputed to contain an entire bottle of brandy . I need it. I got here an hour ago - two hours ahead of my ETA. Remember I mentioned the pole? Well things were going swimmingly as I surfed down the coast, pas
  23. He’s in Deas Cove. Spreading my wings Mon Sep 21 2020 Smoking along just past George Sound with 25 knots of wind dead astern. I am sailing goosewinged - with mainsail out one side and the genoa set out on a pole on the other side. With this much wind pushing me along I am making good progress and should reach Thompson Sound by 1800. It’s a bit of a wild ride. The sea has built and I lurch and roll along with the occasional surf on the bigger waves. I can see I am going to have fun getting the pole off the genoa when the time comes.
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