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  1. get a couple of mohair 5mm knap oil based rollers
  2. I would advise against thin foamys, use a mohair with a 5mm knap. I used to use the yellow ones in the misguided belief that multiple thin coats was the way to go but after long talks with the paint techs and subsequent experience has shown generous paint application is the way to get a good film build up and a smooth finish. Talk to the paint tech for your particular brand on how to do it, they all emphasise managing film thickness and preferably airless spraying for the best result.
  3. Further thoughts, as time goes by the paint gets less effective. its never as good as the first 6 months unfortunately but it still works ok after a few years. Ideally you want your cleaning routine to match your haulout plans so that by the time you do most of the paint has ablated. What you dont want is a build up of ineffective paint that starts flaking. In the old days with hard AF's you had to go through the scraping back to basecoat routine regularly as the toxins leached out leaving a hard useless matrix behind but with modern AF's not so much. I use Ultra which is meant to be "hard' b
  4. It depends on where you're parked, I get 3 years from 2 coats in a marina, on s mooring in the current, 18 months.
  5. The rule of thumb with antifouls is simple, one year one coat, two years two coats etc. To a point the more you put on to get the right film thickness, the better. Lay it on really wet so it "melts" and smooths out. Dont roll it out like you would a normal paint, keep the tin stirred and the roller loaded. Dont be afraid to spend money on paint, its cheap compared to the cost and hassle of hauling. Want real advice, call the techline and ask a boffin.
  6. not sure you need a special soap for that job, sunlight still foams up when we rinse dishes with salt.
  7. Id check to see if the hull is painted or still gelcoat, photo 1 looks like paint. If gel then buy 1/2 litre of flowcoat (prewaxed gelcoat) and some yellow tint, google the colour match process, be aware you cant untint anything! You can use the same method for the deck repair. If paint, sadly you'll need a primer otherwise the paint might fall off plus youll need a lot of coats. if it was me Id just go to an auto paint place, buy a can of primer/filler and a can of yellow (closest match) and spray it.
  8. Sadly, once you've got the goodies off all thats left highly likely to be 10 years in the driveway and an old boat. If I was down your way Id come over to watch the digger do its thing. Every seen a ferro boat getting its last rites, unbelievable how quickly they turn into a pile of rubble.
  9. Tamure


    hope theyre safe out there, fresh E all weekend
  10. Tamure


    It's actually pretty sweet
  11. So what do you want to happen?
  12. As long as we can quarantine people effectively then I'm all for opening borders, but it seems that the risk is way too high to let em all in on planes and cruise liners then trust their honesty. Private boats are unique, generally if they can prove their passage time and enter quarantine station for say, 21 days? including passage time then why not let them in. Make an area in the BOI or indeed behind Browns.... to add in reference to BK's comment above; you can only manage so many in quarantine, it may not be hundreds but a few dozen.
  13. I dont get these threads, boat buying is caveat emptor. Having a go at someone like this is a bit of a dogpile that goes nowhere. Maybe someone should set up a boat buying for beginners thread? Seriously if you go on tm and buy a crashed boat or for that matter any boat without either good advice or experience then its on you. From what I have read this seller has a different way of looking at things and who is to say he is wrong? Some would consider a boat thats not maintained by professionals as completely suspect, some people buy new for many hundreds of K, yet others trawl TM looking
  14. it seens that there are another set of rules if youre a billionaire
  15. Interesting thread, some people just love rules and bureaucracy (perhaps to cover for their real reasons) . On a practical human level if these guys knocked on my door, i'd help them. They present about zero risk of covid introduction. So much for us bleating on about Manus Island etc... I think its pretty mean spirited.
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