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  1. I use a VSR, its cheap, simple and perfectly useful for an unsophisticated system. To keep the batteries on a float charge I use a small regulated solar panel. Suggest downloading the documentation from BEP for a read, but there are many, many models out there. If I had an expensive system then I would be doing a lot more research, but I have used the BEP model for 15 years without a problem.
  2. Definitely Prince Hal, looks like a winter series judging by the coutere
  3. Tamure

    Zig Zag

    You mean Ellisunk?
  4. Tamure


    I'm sure you've seen it but its still impressive a few weeks later!
  5. These boats seem to hold their value, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be too much around in glass thats a good alternative. Just a waiting game!
  6. yep and of course who can forget the talking bread!
  7. I have read speedboat spike many, many times!
  8. ha! mental accounting can justify that- an engineer is 80 an hour!
  9. one rule for thee and one for me, do as I say but not do as I do, two sets of books....welcome the the real world
  10. I get all that, especially for a new private development that needs ROI, but still for a place like Westhaven its printing money.
  11. Slightly off topic here but I like marinas, mainly because of self interest but I would rather boats be in one than moored up and down rivers on moorings etc. Obviously there are plenty of times when a mooring is preferable and more pleasant but if the cost of keeping a boat on a berth was "affordable" for joe average then yachting in general would benefit, the coast line would be tidied up and it also would help the marine industry not to mention the social side with clubs etc. I know that any marine work is expensive times 1000 but when a see a concrete pontoon worth not much and 4 pol
  12. With all due respect to those with legitimate concerns about unbridled development, part of the ridiculous cost of marinas is driven not only the lack of ideal locations but the extraordinarily tumultuous legal process.
  13. this marina, like it or not is a thing and no amount of whinging is going to stop it
  14. just a thought here but anyone ever seriously considered sails and oars
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